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Book your next dream vacation and stay in one of our luxury villas in Puglia Italy. Find your favourite villa in Puglia Itay. Puglia is still off the beaten international tourist track, and yet it has so many attractions to offer: pristine beaches, serene landscapes cultivated with centuries-old olive trees, quaint fisherman villages and important archeological sites.

Puglia, a southern region forming the heel of Italy’s “boot,” is known for its whitewashed hill towns, centuries-old farmland and hundreds of kilometers of Mediterranean coastline. Capital Bari is a vibrant port and university town, while Lecce is known as “Florence of the South” for its baroque architecture. Alberobello and the Itria Valley are home to “trulli,” stone huts with distinctive conical roofs.

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Puglia best known for?

10 Things You Didn't Know about Puglia

  • Puglia (pronounced poo-li-ya) is also known by the name of Apulia, and has a population of around 4-million. ...
  • Puglia is famous for its olive oil production. ...
  • In the past, Puglia was known as the 'bread basket of Italy'. ...
  • Puglia has the longest coastline of any Italian mainland region.

Famous food in Puglia?

Hearty baked dishes, simple plates of pasta and wilted wild greens such as chicory or cimi de rape are among the region's most famous foods, while the rich string cheese burrata and bread from Altamura are enough to justify a direct trip to the area.

Average monthly temperatures

Puglia has a mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters. If you enjoy hot perfect sunny days the best time to visit Puglia is between July and August. The hottest month of the year is July with an average daily maximum of 30 C and an average low of 24 C.

You really do need a car

Sure, there are trains and local buses, but using them exclusively to cross this varied region is going to take more time than most travellers have. It also means you'll likely miss many of the small coves and cute little towns and villages that make Puglia so wonderful.

Puglia a good place to holiday?

It's a favoured getaway within Italy, and so gets packed out in the summer months, with Italian families filling their cars and hot-footing it here for the back-in-time hilltop and coastal towns, long sandy beaches, space to roam, and beautiful coastline, as well as the delicious rustic cuisine.

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