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Puerto Vallarta, situated on the Pacific Ocean's Bay of Banderas, is one of Mexico's most sophisticated destinations. Bordered by golden beaches and lush palm-covered mountains, it's the perfect spot to relax and recharge. Enjoy the simple pleasures of sun and sand, or indulge in more decadent treats: world-class spas, high-end restaurants, or boutique shopping. There's no shortage of active pursuits, either: options include swimming with dolphins, diving with manta rays, horseback riding, or gliding from treetop to treetop on an exhilarating rainforest canopy tour.

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Located in Jalisco State, Puerto Vallarta is nestled on the Bahia de Banderas (Bay of Flags), the second largest bay on the American continent, and surrounded by the majestic Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains.

The city offers 40 km of golden beaches on the Mexican Pacific and is characterized by its impressive colonial and modern buildings, deluxe hotels, luxurious yachts and sailboats, shopping malls and golf courses. These attractions have made the city a favorite among vacationers and retirees, who now call the city home.

Jalisco is steeped in tradition, many of its cultural features have become synonymous with Mexicanness, such as mariachis, cowboys and tequila!


Puerto Vallarta is set in the center of this bay, whose 48 km make it one of the largest in the world. It has beaches with fine sand and gentle waves. To the south, the Sierra de Cuale comes right down to the coast with its spectacular cliffs dotted with villas and deep blue bays.

El Malecon
This long esplanade surrounding the sea and lined with bronze sculptures goes right through the center of the town.

El Salado
This beach, lying within the Vallarta Marina, has deluxe facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and golf courses.

Las Animas
Beach with horses available for hire and parachute rides. It has a quay where yachts, water taxis and small watercraft can berth.

Los Arcos
The way the mountains join the ocean to form peaks and rocky crags create formations that are magnificent at this beach.

Nestling in the back of a small bay, this beach is regarded as one of the finest in Puerto Vallarta and is a favorite among swimmers and divers. It has hotel and restaurant facilities.

White sandy beach with restaurants and a small hotel. There are boats available for hire, together with diving and fishing facilities. Nearby is a beautiful 30 m high waterfall.


Puerto Vallarta enjoys a typical tropical climate, with near constant temperature. Puerto Vallarta usually experiences 322 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures between 20° C and 30° C. Rainfall is heavier in June and October. Even during the rainy season precipitation tends to be concentrated in large rainstorms with insignificant precipitation on most days.

Temperature in CelsiusJFMAMJJASOND
Rainfall (mm)281877122063343273471231920


Protected by the second largest bay in the American continent, Bahia de Banderas, with over 40 km of golden beaches in the center of the Mexican Pacific and surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental lies Puerto Vallarta, a paradise whose special charm is due to its blend of colonial and cosmopolitan features.

The city proper comprises four main areas: the hotel zone along the shore to the North, Olas Altas, the Centro along the shore in between these two areas, and a number of residential areas to the East of the hotel zone.


Its history dates back to pre-Hispanic times, when it was occupied by Nahua groups (in the south) and Huichol (in the north). The Spanish discovered the secluded harbor in the 16th century but never colonized it. It was not till the mid 1800 that farmers began establishing themselves, following the example of the first family to do so, going by the name of Sanchez.

During the 18th century Puerto Vallarta grew, transforming itself from a small fishing village into a small landing port serving the Sierra towns and a vacation destination for residents of the Sierra Towns. In the 1950s the domestic airline had started exploring Puerto Vallarta's potential as an American tourist destination and the rest is history.


The Los Arcos Marine Ecological Reserve, which consists of a group of three rock islands, is located in front of Mismaloya Beach and is an area where marine birds reproduce as well as being a refuge for marine mammals and a sample of ocean organisms. This marine life can be observed while diving.

Although not recommended for beginners, a wonderful area to hike is the Palo Maria where the journey will take you past 7 remote waterfalls. It is located just past Villas Garza Blanca next to the Garza Blanca River and can be accessed by bus. Flash floods can occur during a heavy rainfall.

Explore the Sierra Madre Mountains with one of the jeep, mountain biking, hiking or jungle tours. Many other activity tours are offered as well.

Plenty of boat rides round the bays to watch dolphins, turtles and humpbacked whales, are just some of the natural attractions that make this destinations, one of the world's favourite.

Unique to Here

Puerto Vallarta boasts numerous festivals throughout the year. And in November, Puerto Vallarta hosts one of Mexico's premier culinary arts events, the Festival Gourmet, attended by more than 20,000 people annually.

Local chefs at participating restaurants and more than 20 guest chefs from around the world serve up some 500 gourmet foods, cheeses, tequilas and liquors. The event also involves cooking classes, wine tasting, beer samplings and other activities.

Activities & Sports

In Puerto Vallarta you will find more than one way of recharging your batteries, since there are hundreds of opportunities for recreation, particularly water sports such as surfing, diving, sailboat regattas, fishing, skiing and Jet Skis as well as gentle boat rides round the bay. One of the best beaches for water sports in Puerto Vallarta is in the Bahia de Banderas.

There are several options for golf enthusiasts in Puerto Vallarta. The Marina Vallarta, the most modern hotel in the region, is about ten minutes from the airport and has a great golf course. There is also the Paradise Village Golf and the Vista Vallarta with two 18-hole golf courses, both of which were designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weispok.

For those who like strong emotions, one of the best ways of getting a rush of adrenaline is bungee jumping. Or you may want to try parachute rides.

Great deep-sea and freshwater fishing are included among the many attractions at Puerto Vallarta; sailfish, dorado and red snapper fishing are some of the most popular catches.

A great way to see the countryside, ranches, rural villages and hills surrounding Puerto Vallarta is on horseback. On Sundays, there are organized rides lasting a whole day or, if you prefer, small groups are organized to ride through the Sierra Madre mountains that last up to several days.

Some of the best places for diving are: Quimixto, on Las Anima Beach, Yelapa, Punta Mita y los Arcos, near Mismaloya Beach, where there is a submarine reserve made up of small islands, reefs and tunnels that are great for snorkeling.


The Altavista petroglyph complex is located near the village and beach-town of Chacala. This region was originally home to the largely unstudied Tecoxquin indigenous culture dating to 2300 BC. This extensive group of rock carvings is still used today for ceremonial religious purposes by the native.

Visit this achaeological site of Guachimonton in Teuchitlecen which is considered one of the first settlements living in a more structured society and is composed of circular structures dating back 2000 years.

Attractions & Sights

The best way to enjoy Puerto Vallarta is to wander through Viejo Vallarta, with its traditional cobbled streets, white-walled houses, wrought-iron balconies and red tiled roofs. Plaza de Armas is the city's main plaza where visitors can often see public concerts.

Visit the Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, with its unusual dome, a replica of the crown worn by Empress Charlotte in 1860, or admire the original murals by the artist Manuel Lepe in the Palacio Municipal.

Walk along the Malecon with its esplanade of bronze statures and wide variety of shops with something for everyone; explore the galleries displaying contemporary Mexican art. Saucedo Theatre Building, built in 1922 in a Belle Epoque style has been converted to retail use.

Various pre-Colombian objects were found at the Puerto Vallarta archaeological site and they are now on display at the local Cuale Museum of Archaeology. If you want to know more about the history and culture of the place, this museum is a must. The University of Guadalajara's Coastal Center features several public attractions including the Peter Gray Art Museum and a Crocodile Farm.

The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens has agaves and other native plants and orchids. The Puerto Vallarta Zoological Gardens is home to 350 animals.

There are many boat excursions available along the bays of Banderas, Yelapa, Caletas, Quimixto, Playa Animas and Marietas Islands.


Many hotels organize fiesta nights once a week. Or you could enjoy a performance of the famous Folkloric Ballet of the University of Guadalajara.

For night owls, check out the many bars and nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, offering everything from live jazz and salsa, to popular DJ mixes. Favourites include Cactus, El Faro, J.B. and Zapata for nightly pre-Hispanic and folk music.

Side Trips

The city of Guadalajara, the proud Pearl of the West, with its striking colonial buildings and recreational and cultural centers. Other cities of note include Tlaquepaque with its fine blown glass objects; Tonala with its pottery; and San Sebastian, one of the oldest minig towns in Mexico dating back to 1545.

Here is a once-in-a-life-time excursion: After a 50 min flight deep into the Sierra Madre, you will visit a real indigenous village. The Huichol Indians, cut off from the world by the rugged mountains and deep canyons, still live much as they did in pre-Columbian times. They refuse to be influenced by the modern world and live by rich oral and ceremonial traditions. They are known for their exquisite beadwork.


Puerto Vallarta has a network of deluxe hotels, some located on secluded coves, divided into five distinctive areas. And you still can find a few budget hotels on the waterfront.

The best places for camping in Puerto Vallarta are: Koa that has all the facilities; the Trailer Park and the Tchos Trailer Park where you can camp in trailers.

There is nothing like a good massage to complement the fun and help you stay in shape. Some of the best places for this activity are the Velas Vallarta, Westin Regina hotels, Qualton Club & Spa and Villa del Mar Resort & Spa.

Eating Out

Puerto Vallarta's more than 250 restaurants offer a wide array of delightful local seafood dishes as well as a broad range of international cuisine. Quaint sidewalk cafes and coffee houses also abound in Puerto Vallarta, often featuring live music.

National and regional offer such dishes as filete de huachinango al mojo de ajo (red snapper in garlic sauce), the Aztec mixiote (a central Mexico delicacy marinated and slow-cooked in a piquant sauce), plates served with tequila-based sauces, and typical desserts including regional candies and flan.

Make sure to stop by La Casa del Tequila, specializing in over 50 tequila brands to sample such as the spirit of blue Agave cactus.


Puerto Vallarta is an important indigenous handicrafts center, especially those produced by the Huichol Indians, an ethnic group that has learned to conserve its traditions within the atmosphere of progress and tourism that has overcome the city. They are particularly known for their beadwork.

Of particular note is the pottery and glass-blown objects characteristic of the state of Jalisco. You may actually help produce ceramic objects at Terra Noble where the locals will teach you some of their artistic techniques.

Puerto Vallarta has great shopping possibilities wth the stores on Juarez and Morelos streets in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Shoppers will also delight in Plaza Marina, Plaza Neptuno and Plaza Caracol, among others.

Make sure to stop by La Casa del Tequila, specializing in over 50 brands to sample such as the spirit of blue Agave cactus.

  • Airport :
    Puerto Vallarta International Airport
  • Airport Tax :
    The departure tax of around US$40 per person is usually included on your plane ticket, please verify.
  • Distance from Airport :
    6.5 km
  • Tourist Office :
  • Tourist Season :
    October though April
  • Festivals & Events

    Puerto Vallarta is a destination where you can witness and take part in multiple celebrations and colorful traditions such as: The popular May Festival takes place between May 21 and June 5; the mariachi festival is held in September; and on Dec. 12, people celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico’s patron saint) with dance, parades, processions, firework displays and Mass.


    Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport is located just to the North of Puerto Vallarta. From the airport you can hire a taxi or transfer van for a more reasonable price. Most car rental companies have a desk at the airport. If you arrive from another town by bus, the main bus station is far to the north of town, a little north of the airport. A local bus or taxi is required to reach the main city.

    In Puerto Vallarta taxi are easy to find and there is a tourist bus service. Local buses also travel from the hotel zone and marina area to the downtown or old-town areas. Any bus marked Centro will pass through both. Buses marked Tunel will skip downtown and head directly to the old-town. Traffic can get quite congested here and parking can be difficult to find.


    Alta Vista (4) Amapas (4) Boca De Tomatlan (1) Conchas Chinas (22) Mismaloya (9) Romantic Zone (1) Zona Romántica (1) Las Gemelas Beach (2) Los Muertos Beach (5) Malecon (1) Mismaloya Beach (1)


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