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All About Cruising
Ships for Every Lifestyle Discover the world onboard some of the most magnificent ships at sea. From a wide array of dining options to 24 hour room service. Be pampered at the hands of some signature spa treatments. Younger sailers will be entertained with various kids club programs, Disney Characters, Dream Works Animation and Sponge Bob and friends. Grown ups can be amazed with premium Broadway style shows, parades, lounges, clubs, rock climbing, surf simulator, casino and more. From traditional staterooms to 2-storey loft suites, these magical wonders cater to your specific interests and needs while sailing the world.

Sail the Seven Seas all at once or as you please, planning one adventure after the other You have always dreamt of taking a cruise or you have cruised in the past and are looking forward to reliving this breathtaking experience. Whatever your motivation, you will discover fabulous ports of call, the most intimate corners of the earth and nature`s unchallenged beauty... Cruising is an adventure on its own. Today's ships are built for an unparalleled vacation. Well-appointed public areas, a fine selection of restaurants and dining areas, spacious staterooms and an attentive crew at your beck and call is standard! Whether you decide to attend a stand-up comedy show or an art auction, going roller-skating or Zip-Lining, or simply want to sit back and relax - you decide, it`s your vacation after all. We assure you, JustTravelDeals has partnered with the world`s leading cruise lines!

Getting you there
For the ultimate flexible cruise vacation, combine our air products to a cruise. We partner with the world's leading airlines to ensure that you have the best schedules to connect with your cruise and the lowest rates available. Why reserve air with us:One-stop shopping No deviation fee Immediate flight confirmation Scheduled flights from canadian gateways (direct or non-stop)Connector fares from over 50 regional airports to major gateway cities Carrier and routing known at time of booking Confirmed seat assignments where available Frequent flyer numbers and special meal requests can be added Competitive Business Class rates Flexible overall conditions Great options for pre and post stays Receive the air schedule as soon as you make a booking Select non-stop and direct itineraries

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7 Reasons Why You Want a Premium Cruise Suite

Sponsored by Seabourn As a trusted travel advisor, part of your job is to help make your travel dreams come true, right?

The booming cruise segment is a great example, as there are virtually endless opportunities for generating new and repeat business. After your mainstream cruise have taken a few been-there-done-that cruises, some will be looking for something new and different, something beyond the norm. That’s the perfect time to suggest upping the ante on their cruise experience with, say, a premium suite.

Here are seven reasons why you will want a premium suite, and the exclusive experience of sailing in luxury on the high seas - even if they don’t know it yet.

1. More space

While a standard cruise cabin (at about 150 to 190 square feet) can feel cramped for many travelers, a suite (at anywhere from 250 to 1,500 square feet or more) gives an open feeling of space and expansion. Designed more like a traveler’s living space at home, they typically include multiple bedrooms, sitting and dining areas, multiple bathrooms (some with bathtubs), walk-in closets, and a private balcony. Suites give guests room to move around - and a feeling that they can breathe the entire travel experience in more deeply.

2. Front-row seat to each destination

The outdoor living space of many luxury suites provides spectacular views 24/7. And, who wouldn’t want a front-row seat from their own private balcony as the cruise ship arrives at each of the destinations on their chosen itinerary?

3. Amenities to enjoy

Bumping the typical cruise experience up a few notches, premium suites offer more amenities than standard staterooms. For instance, they may include an in-suite Nespresso machine; Swarovski binoculars to use during the voyage; complimentary internet service throughout the voyage; an enhanced in-suite bar setup with additional wines and spirits for entertaining; more luxurious bedding; or a private car transfer service as needed.

4. Unexpected value

Often, cruise lines deliver more special offers and added value experiences when a guest books a premium suite. Some might be obvious, such as bespoke living space or ample shipboard credits given. Others must be personally experienced onboard to be appreciated, such as a built-in heated jacket wardrobe, where guests can grab a warm coat before heading out on their private deck on a cool morning or hang their wet outdoor parka to dry quickly when they return from their off-ship expedition adventures.

5. Splurge and be pampered

The coveted perks of VIP treatment come with premium suites, such as access to exclusive areas of the ship, priority access boarding and disembarking, first-choice reservations in alternative restaurants and shore excursions, and more personalized service all around. Some luxury suite categories also offer 24-hour butler service and concierge services, to cater to the traveler’s every need.

6. Space to entertain

For travelers who plan to host dinners or meetings while onboard, suites are the perfect choice. Customized service is on hand to accommodate the guest’s entertaining needs. And, there are different types of suites to chose from, some offering an apartment-style layout that stretches over two stories, to provide as much space as the gathering calls for.

7. Perfect for multigenerational travel

Premium cruise cabins offer living space options that can comfortably accommodate several guests in one party. Those traveling with every possible family combination, from little ones to grandparents or even aunts and uncles, can enjoy time together - and apart. They have the convenience of traveling together, but with separate bedrooms and their own space to retreat to when they want a bit of privacy.

And for you, the trusted travel advisor, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you gave your clients a new kind of exclusive cruise experience that they’ll always remember - and will most likely book again. Plus, you’ll collect the increased commission that comes with selling premium suites.

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.

You will visit the following 7 places:



Spain – one of Europe’s most top travel destinations for its fantastic beaches, islands, UNESCO World Heritage sites, stunning and diverse countryside, buzzing nightlife, delicious cuisine and world-famous fiestas! The country is a friendly, multicultural society dedicated to building curious minds, positive attitudes and creative spirits. With great beaches, fun nightlife, many cultural regions and historic cities, Spain makes a great destination for any kind of trip. 

New York

New York



Australia is an  Oceanian country, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. For most visitors its name is a shorthand for an endless summer where the living is easy. It is great a place where the adventures are as vast as the horizons and the jokes flow as freely as the beer; a country of can-do spirit and easy friendliness!    







Italy is a country in Southern Europe. It is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. Much like its food, this country is an endless feast of experiences. It is famous worldwide for its delicious cuisine, its trendy fashion industry, luxury sports cars and motorcycles, diverse regional cultures and dialects, as well as for its beautiful coast, alpine lakes and mountain ranges (the Alps and Apennines).  There is also the country’s enormous cultural legacy: Tuscany alone has more classified historical monuments than any country in the world; there are considerable remnants of the Roman Empire all over the country, notably in Rome itself; and every region retains its own relics of an artistic tradition generally acknowledged to be among the world’s richest.



Greece, also known since ancient times as Hellas, is a country located in southeastern Europe. The country has one of the longest histories of any country, and is considered the cradle of Western civilization, having been the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, Western literature, historiography, political science, major scientific and mathematical principles, and Western drama, including both tragedy and comedy.  Athens, its busy capital, retains ancient landmarks including the 5th-century-B.C.E. Acropolis citadel and Parthenon temple. Greece is also known for its beaches, from the black sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos. Furthermore it's a geographically appealing place to visit, with a mountainous mainland and idyllic island beaches!

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