Travel to Japan and Taiwan with Costa Cruises

Travel to Japan and Taiwan with Costa Cruises


you still planning their vacation? Are they trying to figure out where to go? This November we are headed to the Far East! You will come aboard and experience Italy's Finest. With 5 different ports of call, you will explore what Japan and Taiwan has to offer.

Here is an example of different excursions you can take at the ports:

• Visit Meriken Park and Mount Rokko in Kobe, Japan.

• Admire the local underwater creatures in the aquarium at the Miyakojima Kaichu Park.

• Visit the famous Lungshan Temple in Keelung, Taiwan.

• And so much more!

You will love to sail on the Costa neoRomantica, with rates for an 8-night cruise starting from $789pp.*

Book now and ask about our Reduced Deposit Sale. Deposits as low as $50 pp.**

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.

You will visit the following 2 places:



Taiwan is a small island nation with contemporary cities, hot springs resorts and dramatic mountainous terrain. It is officially the Republic of China and a sovereign state in East Asia. The Republic of China, originally based in mainland China, now governs the island of Taiwan, which constitutes more than 99% of its territory, as well as Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and other minor islands, following its loss of the mainland China territory in 1949 in the Chinese Civil War. This remaining area is also constitutionally called the "Free area of the Republic of China" which is not ruled by the Communist Party of China in Beijing. Taiwan has some very impressive scenic sites and its capital, Taipei, is a vibrant culture and entertainment hub. With its all-around adventure landscape, heritage-rich capital, diverse folk traditions and feted night market scene, Taiwan offers a continent-sized travel list for one green island! 



Japan, an island and a leading nation in East Asia. It's name mean "sun origin", and it is often called the "Land of the Rising Sun". Home to the world's largest urban metropolis, rugged wilderness, and a culture steeped in ancient tradition, Japan is a travellers dream! It is a developed country with a high standard of living and Human Development Index whose population enjoys the highest life expectancy. Tokyo, the crowded and vibrant capital, is known for its neon skyscrapers and pop culture.

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