Travel Tips from our JustTravelDeals Team

About Mexico

I have picked up a few tips and tricks that I've gleaned from my many copious mistakes. Here are the best of of them

These invaluable Travel Tips to every customer. Make every vacation the best it can be:

1. Before traveling abroad, learn a few phrases in the local language to enrich the vacation experience. Locals really appreciate the effort. Plus, it’s fun! 

2. Print and bring a copy of your passport. Store it separately from the original. Should a passport get lost, it’s easier to replace if one has a copy. (Some travelers also give their travel agent a copy for safekeeping.) 

3. Pack an extension cord or multi-prong outlet. Some hotel rooms don’t provide as many outlets as one needs. 

4. Pack a change of clothing in your carry-on, in case a checked bag ends up delayed or lost. For a beach vacation, include beach attire too, so that fun in the sun kicks off without a hitch. 

5. Book JustTravelDeals Trip Protection, which is a fantastic deal, especially for a long trip. You may be surprised—and delighted—that air to/from their vacation destination is covered with the Plan.

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