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Tokyo: Book Early for Summer & Fall. Tokyo last minute tours, vacations, flights, hotels, car rentals and cruise holidays.

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Book Early for Summer & Fall

Usually a heavyweight contender in the crowded 'must-visit' lists of seasoned wanderers in the know, the 'Land of the Rising Sun' has historically been a favorite go-to for Canadians who can't get enough of the country's distinct brand of exotic allure. Having this world-famous enigmatic personality — combined with an almost inexhaustible number of offerings and attractions that are evenly spread across the four seasons — thrusts Japan into the upper echelons of the best year-round destinations in the world. On top of that, Japan seamlessly straddles the lines between the past, present, and future in a manner like no other. It's a uniquely enchanting place that carries an undeniable reverence for history and tradition, but it's also visionary to the point where it can convincingly appear to be at one with the future. Let's not forget as well that every day here is a masterful ballet of contrasting scenes — from the lively atmosphere of Shibuya Crossing to the tranquil environs of Fukagawa's Kiyosumi Garden — each highlighting in their own way how exquisitely 'in-the-moment' Japanese life can be.
It's not far off that one of the initial questions that first-time visitors would have about Japan would be where to begin, and the answer is as easy as proverbial pie: Tokyo. Japan's renowned capital is a sprawling megacity jam-packed with iconic cultural sites, dramatic cityscapes, culinary gems, cutting-edge technology, bustling shopping havens, must-see attractions, and everything in between. It's not unheard of to feel like one has stepped into the realm of science fiction as soon as they lay their eyes upon Tokyo's neon-lit skyline for the first time. Imagine the sight of towering glass and steel monoliths, the countless blinding billboards and beacons radiating with every color of the spectrum, and the spaghetti-like quality of the various train lines that dart all over the city — all of this while rain droplets on your sleeve gradually get bigger and more frequent. Tokyo is no stranger to semi-surreal moments as delicious as the one you just pictured in your head. It's a spectacular destination that travelers have to experience firsthand in order to fully appreciate its one-of-a-kind sensory overload.
And just like any in-demand tourist draw, we advise that your clients book at least 4-6 months in advance in order to secure your choice accommodations and tours for your summer and fall vacation plans. Events like the famous Sakura (cherry blossom) season are nearly sold out, so it is imperative to take action as soon as possible.



Tokyo vacations

Private Experience
Asakusa | 4-Hours

This tour highlights the hidden gems of Asakusa, one of Tokyo's most vibrant neighborhoods which was once a leading entertainment district during the Edo Period. You will take part in an interesting Japanese sugar craft class held at a local shop. You will also get to visit Imado Shrine (the birthplace of the famous Maneki-neko beckoning cat) and Matsuchiyama Shoden — one of Tokyo's oldest Buddhist temples.

Tokyo Food-01

Private Experience
Tokyo | 4-Hours

Japanese gastronomy is renowned for its unbridled excellence and unwavering attention to detail. This superb tour lets your clients explore one of Tokyo’s bustling neighborhoods, where you will dine amongst locals and experience delicious comfort food dishes. Based on their palate, a private guide will introduce them to authentic culinary gems such as yakitori, okonomiyaki, or sashimi



Private Experience
Tokyo | 8-Hours

For fans of Japanese animation or 'anime', this tour offers a superb compilation of Tokyo locations that were featured in several popular works along with essential attractions that shouldn't be missed. Notable highlights include the iconic Shibuya Crossing (seen in 'Tokyo Ghoul'), Yotsuya Suga Shrine (whose staircase was immortalized in 'Your Name'), and Akihabara (the 'Mecca of Anime and Manga').



Private Experience
Tokyo | 4-Hours

Tokyo is home to several pop culture hubs that impact a variety of industries ranging from international fashion to video games. You will explore the numerous shops and boutiques of Shibuya and Harajuku (ground zero for Japan's fashion and entertainment trends) before ending up in Akihabara — a district that was previously known for its electronics shops before becoming a haven for anime and manga.

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