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About Puerto Rico

Book your next dream vacation to Puerto Rico San Juan. This city is also one of the most popular cities in this country. It has a population of two million people.


About Puerto Rico

The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. This city is also one of the most popular cities in this country. It has a population of two million people.

Travel Requirements

A Passport and Visa is required to travel into this country. Passports must be valid until the date of departure. US citizens do not need a Visa or passport to enter into this country.

Health concerns

Traveller must be prepared when travelling to Puerto Rico. Bring a Health and Safety kit. Do not expect the same medical services as offered in Canada. Practice safe food and water precautions while travelling.


Puerto Rico has year round summer temperatures. The warmest month is June and the coolest month is February. November is the wettest month of the year.


Spanish and English is the two most common languages spoken in Puerto Rico. Spanish is the dominant language spoken but all major tourist areas speak English.

Culture and Life

Puerto Ricans are often very friendly people. They are expressive to strangers and also very caring and kind. The culture in Puerto Rico has been influenced by its history. The culture is colourful and has a lot of interactions with the environment.


El Yunque Rainforest

It is time to get away from the beaches and do some hiking. This rainforest has unique animals and plants. The rainforest is located at the top of the mountain where you can also see the clouds and a dwarf forest. The scenery is beautiful and the atmosphere is cool.

Zip lining Canopy Eco- adventure

Zip lining above the forest on a 4 hour ride from San Jaun. This activity is fun and gives you an adrenaline rush. Nine different zip lines can be experienced when doing this.

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