Porter New baggage rules effective April 11th

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Porter New baggage rules effective April 11th

Porter continues to offer a

generous carry-on size allowance. In fact, a generous 22” x 9” x 16”. That’s in addition to one personal item such as a purse or laptop bag.

We now tag all carry-on bags. This makes sure everyone keeps to the same generous size. It seems that some people are carrying their carry-on just a bit too far. This puts the space squeeze on everyone, and those bags don’t meet our regulatory size requirements.

If the bag is too big, it will be checked. There is a checked-bag fee of $37.50 at the airport check-in counter. Beginning April 11, 2016, oversize carry-on bags will be checked at the gate, for a fee of $47.50 - $129.38 taxes and fees included. At arrival, these will be picked up at the baggage carousel.

To avoid delays, the carry-on bag must be smaller than the maximum size and weigh no more than 9kg. If the bag is oversize, the passenger can save by paying $27.50 for their checked bag in advance. This is cheaper than paying $37.50 to check that same bag at the check-in counter, or checking it at the gate starting at $47.50 + taxes and fees.

Please note: Porter only accepts debit or credit card payments at check-in or at the gate. We are now cash-free.

Some of our premium VIPorter members receive complimentary checked baggage benefits. To receive this benefit, members must check their bag at the ticket counter using their dedicated Premium Access lane. Any oversized baggage checked at the gate will incur the fee.

GatePorter is a complimentary service provided to all passengers. All baggage that meets the carry-on size requirements is checked at departure and collected upon arrival at the gate.

We thank you for sharing this important policy update with our mutual customers to ensure a smooth transition.

Please visit the Travel Agents portal for more details regarding Porter’s baggage policy.

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