Porter Airlines Carry-On Baggage Update

Porter’s carry-on bag size isn’t changing. But our process is.

carry-on bag size isn’t changing. But our process is.

It seems that some of our passengers are carrying their carry-on bags just a bit too far. When those bags are too large, it puts the space squeeze on all of us, and those oversized bags don’t meet our regulatory size requirements.

Porter offers the most generous carry-on bag size in Canada:

Porter Airlines 22 x 9 x 16

Air Canada 21.5 x 9 x 15.5

West Jet 21 x 9 x 15

Sunwing 20 x 9 x 16

Air Transat 20 x 9 x 16

We now tag all carry-on bags. To ensure that all carry-on bags meet our generous size, as of Friday, August 28, Porter now tags all carry-on bags. This excludes personal items, such as a purse or briefcase. The carry-on tag tells our airport team members and crew that the carry-on bag is an approved size, preventing our passengers from being stopped multiple times in the airport and again as they board the aircraft.

To keep our passengers on schedule, without any baggage hiccups, we encourage them to make sure their carry-on bag is smaller than the maximum size. If the bag is larger, they can save money by paying $25 for the checked bag during advance online check-in. This is cheaper than paying $35 to check that same bag at the airport when it’s found to be oversized.

We look forward to seeing our passengers, and their carry-on bag, again soon.

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