Mystical Czech Republic – visit TOP 5 places with powerful energy

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There are many ageless buildings and mysterious places in the Czech Republic with stories to tell about magic.

Mystical Czech Republic – visit top 5 places with powerful

There are many ageless buildings and mysterious places in the Czech Republic with stories to tell about magic. Go in search of the mysteries of Central Europe and discover places that have been fascinating visitors with their mystical atmosphere and positive energy.

1. Pilgrimage Basilica on Svaty Hostyn

Hostyn, the most visited pilgrimage site in the Czech Republic. The pilgrimage tradition arose from a legend that describes a miracle associated with the Virgin Mary. The legend says that in the 13th century people were hiding here during a major Tartar incursion. Due to a lack of water they prayed to the Mother of God for help. A spring gushed forth from the ground and a powerful storm forced the Tatars to retreat.

2. Rotunda of St. Peter and Paul in Budec u Zakolan

The oldest still standing structure built about 1,100 years ago is situated not far away from the Nelahozeves Chateau. It is surrounded by very powerful and positive energy, and has a shape that actually resembles a heart. Sensitive people feel peace of mind here and manage to rise above the problems of the outside world.

3. Magical monasteries Rosa Coeli and Panensky Tynec

Rosa Coeli is the oldest convent in Moravia. The today’s monastery ruins have something extraordinarily for its magic energy which is beneficial for the human body.

Another powerful and mystical place is Panensky Tynec, a massive, unfinished Gothic church whose magical power is hidden in the stone walls. The shape of the positive energy zone resembles a cross and a stay in this place is especially recommended for people suffering from depression with suicidal tendencies.

4. Rip and Blanik, mountains shrouded in legend

The momentous Rip Mountain is the symbol of Czech national history. According to the legend, the mountain opened up on Palm Sunday and inside he spied a large clearing where horses with golden horseshoes were grazing. The tale furthermore mentions a pond with a flock of geese with golden feathers and a hen with twelve golden eggs.

Standing in Central Bohemia is the small mountain of Blaník, which is associated with the legend of the Knights of Blaník. The legend of this army of warriors sleeping inside the mountain, from where they emerge to help their people, spread throughout the Celtic world.

5. Treasures of Krudum Hill in Slavkov Forest

Krudum itself supposedly hides many treasures of the Celts who once lived here. It was said that it had a green head (forest), silver heart (silver ore) and golden foot (gold was once panned in the marshland at the foot of the hill). All locations, including the local church, reportedly conceal unimaginable wealth. Another legend talks about the ghosts of miners who meet regularly for mass at the local chapel.

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