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About Melbourne, Australia

​Overview: Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city with a friendly multicultural atmosphere. It is known as the culture and fashion capital of Australia. Melbourne is a beautiful city with great restaurants and attractions.

Overview: Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city with a friendly multicultural atmosphere. It is known as the culture and fashion capital of Australia. Melbourne is a beautiful city with great restaurants and attractions. The Central Business District is the main lifestyle area for locals with many parks, gardens, restaurants, cafes and sporting facilities.  One of the most popular tourist areas is the Yarra River, this is where most of the cities attractions are located. Along with visiting many great attractions the Yarra River is a great place for a lovely picturesque walk along the banks to one of the great parklands, including the Royal Botanic Gardens.


Southgate Arts and Leisure Complex: Situated on the Southbank of the Yarra River, this is one of the main entertainment areas of Melbourne. With upmarket shopping, trendy restaurants and cafes, and five-star hotels situated in the area, this area is great for tourists. The Arts Centre, theatres and the Melbourne Concert Hall, renamed to the Hamer Hall, are great entertainment venues in this area.

St. Paul’s Cathedral: A grand 19th century Anglican cathedral of Gothic architecture with beautiful stained glass windows and stonework.

Royal Exhibition Building: A UNESCO world heritage site. Built in 1880 for the International Exhibition in Melbourne.

Shrine of Remembrance: One of Melbourne’s famous landmarks, this memorial was built was a tribute to the Australian soldiers in World War I.

Crown Entertainment Complex & Casino: The largest casino in Australia is the Crown Casino which is in the Southbank area of the Yarra River. The Crown Entertainment Complex is a great area for tourists as there are many bars, specialty shops, restaurants, and cafes all under one roof.  You can also visit the Crown Hotel and see the Four Seasons light show at night.

Royal Botanic Gardens: These gardens are a must see when visiting Melbourne. The gardens are regarded as glorious and some of the world’s finest landscaped gardens and walkways. Access is also free and the gardens are open every day, with differing times depending on the seasons. Be sure to visit the elegant tearooms, and cafes on your visit.

Melbourne Cricket Ground: One of the great icons of the city of Melbourne. It is not only a cricket ground but also the spot to host the Olympic Games in Australia, the Australian Football and Rugby teams play here, along with the Cricket teams. Melbourne has the reputation of being the sports capital of Australia and it is shown in this great stadium.

Melbourne Aquarium: The Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium is a fascinating visit with over 30 exhibits ranging from Antarctic sea life, such as penguins, to great reef fish, such as sharks and stingrays. For visitors who like to venture on the wild side you can also try the Shark Walker experience or Dive with the Sharks.

Twelve Apostles: A great day trip to view these unique rock formations off the shore by the Great Ocean Road. This drive along with seeing these magnificent limestone formations, carved over millions of years by the ocean, is well worth the day trip.

Festivals: There are many great festivals and events going on in Melbourne at any time of the year. Check this website to find the best ones for the dates you plan on spending in this lively city.


Passport: Passport required for Canadian travelers. Passport must be valid on the day on entry and at least three months past the expected departure date.

Other documentation: Canadians must also obtain an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) linked to the passport, in order to enter the country.

Health and Safety:

Health: The healthcare in Australia is excellent. Be sure to have adequate travel insurance.

Crime Rate: Australia’s crime rate is low. Be careful in certain areas of Melbourne such as St. Kilda, pickpocketers may target tourists in this area.

Weather: The seasons in Australia are the reverse of Canada, so summer in Canada would be winter in Australia and vice versa. Temperatures average around 25°C in the summer and 14°C in the winter. Be prepared for any weather, as it can change at any time, similar to the weather in Ontario, Canada.

Transportation: Melbourne has the world’s largest tram network, and an extensive bus and metro railway network. It is very easy to get around in Melbourne using public transportation or even hired cars and taxis. Remember that if you do rent a car in Australia that driving is on the left side of the road.

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