It's Your Lucky Day - Continue the St. Patrick's Day Celebration

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St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Ireland is the land of breathtaking landscapes, friendly people, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Whether you plan to visit the Emerald Isle or elsewhere soon, we've lined up a fun and inspiring new collection of adventures that will put you in the St. Patrick's Day spirit, no matter what time of the year. Ireland and Scotland are warm and welcoming destinations with plenty of stories to tell. Enjoy the best of Irish culture through authentic experiences when you travel with CIE Tours. From the charming villages of Ireland to the bustling streets of London and the historic castles of Scotland, where will your luck take you with Collette?

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Ireland is an island in north-western Europe which has been divided politically since 1920. Most of the island is made up of Ireland (the Republic of Ireland). The remainder is Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. An uncommon geological richness and the warming effect of the Atlantic produce an astonishing diversity of terrain on this lovely island, which is splashed throughout with lakes and primeval bogland. Ireland also adds further interest to the landscape through the sacred associations of so many of its physical features.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

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