How to best utilize time on a short business trip to Shanghai

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How to best utilize time on a short business trip to Shanghai

Do you frequently go to Shanghai on business trips? If you ever happen to be in Shanghai on a whistle-stop tour for business meetings, there are plenty of things to do. This, however, totally depends on you and the down time you need to spare. So, get set to explore this dynamic city. Here’s a brief outlook for all those who are on a short visit to Shanghai and planning to spend a day here. You’ll get an insight on how to plan your day ahead and what to do and see during the 24 hours you have to spend fruitfully.

Beginning your day with Breakfast 

Begin your day with a breakfast by grabbing a bite at the Nanxiang Steamed Bread Store, situated beside the Nine-Bend Bridge. After having a sumptuous morning fill it’s time for you to head off to YuYuan Gardens and Bazaar early for a stroll before it is invaded by tourists. The beautiful Ming-era gardens filled with fabulous rockeries, pavilions and carp pools are worth exploring. Don’t forget to visit the Hall of Heralding Spring or Dianchun Tang, which functioned at the headquarters of the Small Swords Society in 1853. 

What to do in mid morning 

There’s enough time left for your lunch. So, make the best use of your mid morning time. Consider visiting the serene Chenxiangge Nunnery. Here you will find about 40 nuns residing in a magnificent yellow-walled temple. Now it’s time for you to take a trip through the highly bizarre Bund Sightseeing Tunnel where puppets will be waving to greet you, piped music would be playing, and everything else here would get a bit psychedelic. You will also love strolling around Lu Xun Park amid the blossoms. 

Lunchtime and Afternoon sightseeing 

Your mid morning strolls might have made you weary by now. It’s time for you to fill your tummy with some gourmet traditional cuisines. Pay a visit to the popular local eatery Di Shui Dong to enjoy the gorgeous Hunanese dishes topped with red peppers sprinkling. Try to be a bit adventurous and you can gorge on the boiled frog. For those who want something hot and spicy, the fiery chilli chicken is the best for you. If you want something less spicy, consider visiting Shanghai Uncle, which is famous for its spare ribs cooked with cabbage, pine nuts and bacon. The afternoon is best for exploring the flourishing and vibrant arts scene of Shanghai. The 50 Moganshan Road Art Centre and the Art Scene China are worth paying a visit. When in Shanghai t would be a good idea to know the story of China’s civilization by visiting the vast Shanghai Museum. 

Spending your evening and night 

Evening is about to descend. Get ready to enjoy Shanghai’s glittering skyline. Take an elevator to the 88th floor observation deck of the soaring Jimmao Tower to watch dazzling lights go on across the city. It’s quite mesmerizing indeed. You might be craving for more of old Shanghai. It’s time to enjoy a gourmet dinner at the famous Yong Fu Elite restaurant. Another place to visit is Yin for relishing regional food from various parts of China. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening or night, the vibrant city of Shanghai is ready to delight you endlessly!

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