Golfing for Gourmets in Morocco

About Morocco

Enjoy the pleasures of golf throughout Morocco, whatever your level of skills is, in fairways overlooking the sea

22 to 25 degrees, the sky
azure, like a few fleecy clouds, to a gentle breeze that fanned head and arms, so that golfers love the weather, when they practice their sport. But: As the Lord makes the weather, the golfer has not considered. And as the weather in Europe is just not always "Golf fair".

When in Europe, everything gray in gray, is the summer goodbye and achieve the revenue for pharmacies influenza drugs unimagined heights, it draws golfers in southern climes. About 50.000 German golfers go every year to North Africa - especially after Morocco.

As early as 1917 the first golf course was opened in Morocco. Today Morocco has nearly 40 attractive places in all regions, of which eleven in Greater Marrakech. Special highlights are the new store openings and expansions in Marrakech, El Jadida, Saïdia, Essaouira and Agadir, which were designed by the world's top golf course designers. Other golf courses in Marrakech and other places are planned. Nowhere in Africa is one such effort to the green sport like here.

But Morocco is not just about golf courses. No other country - which can be reached in just 3 ½ to 4 hour flight from Europe - offers so many opportunities and so much variety as Morocco. Morocco belongs mainly because of its versatile attractions and its varied landscapes to the most popular destinations in Africa. One must not be a "hardcore golfer," there are also plenty of opportunities for monitoring the diversion.

However, one should not succumb to the widespread misconception in many countries, Morocco would be a cheap travel destination for bargain hunters you. Especially in Morocco applies the old saying: you always get what you pay for! Penny-pinching mentality is here completely out of place. Long side complaints in relevant websites acknowledge this truism. Very few providers to know the country and the hotel really; There is another way, we know what we are talking. We do what others cannot - and who better than an agency in Marrakech is directly active on the ground.

We offer special golf trip to Morocco: Tee-Time reservations for all golf courses, constant supervision by an English-speaking guide, transfers to places, accommodation in selected hotels or riads full of charm, partner programs for non-golfers, personal guides in English, Eating in Palace restaurants serving typical Moroccan cuisine, Moroccan cooking classes, spa treatments at selected resorts, day trips to the seaside or the mountains, Impressions of 1001 nights and, and, and......

Country in Africa

Morocco, a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. Marrakesh’s walled medina, a mazelike medieval quarter, offers entertainment in its Djemaa el-Fna square and souks (marketplaces) selling traditional ceramics, jewelry and metal lanterns. The capital Rabat’s Kasbah of the Udayas is a 12th-century royal fort overlooking the water.

Capital: Rabat

Currency: Moroccan dirham

Continent: Africa

Population: 33.01 million (2013) World Bank

Official language: Arabic

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