Free Wedding Packages at Majestic Resorts

Free Wedding Packages at Majestic Resorts

Wedding Group Inclusions* For you

› No deposit required for the first 30 guests For the Wedding Couple

› $500 future travel voucher

› Free upgrade to Option Plus on board Air Transat

› Wedding gown storage on board Air Transat

› $100 excursion credit

› Complimentary access to the airport lounge

› $500 towards a pre-wedding planning trip Plus… Groups Max inclusions!*

› Book 15 rooms or more for 7 nights, receive a complimentary wedding package applicable for Symbolic, Civil or Catholic weddings. Ask about Majestic’s

› Private wedding receptions available in the Ocean Front Presidential Suites and Terraces at both the Colonial and Mirage

› Selection of venues available for private dinner or dance receptions, including the mini-ballroom (Elegance), wedding salons (Colonial and Mirage), Parrot Bar and Wet Bar

› South Asian wedding planning and decor available for Hindu and Sikh ceremonies

› Full customization of the Majestic Wedding Package ($) › NEW! Bridal Breakfast package

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.

You will visit the following 3 places:



Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba, is a sovereign state comprising the islands of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud and several archipelagos in the Caribbean Sea. The capital and largest city Havana. Havana had a large number of shows, events, and casinos catering to tourists. Geographically, Cuba is considered part of North America and culturally, it is considered part of Latin America. The island became a U.S. protectorate in 1898, and in 1902 it gained substantial independence. Between 1902 and 1959, many U.S. citizens lived in Cuba or frequently travelled to Cuba. It is the largest island in the Caribbean, and the second-most populous after Hispaniola, with over 11 million inhabitants. It is a multiethnic country whose people,culture and customs derive from diverse origins, including the aboriginal Taíno and   Ciboney peoples, the long period of Spanish colonialism, the introduction of African slaves, and a close relationship with the Soviet Union in the Cold War. Cuba is ranked high in human development by the United Nations, and performs well in health and education. In 2015, it became the first country to eradicate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis, a milestone hailed by the World Health Organization as "one of the greatest public health achievements possible".



Mexico is a land of extremes, with high mountains and deep canyons in the center of the country, sweeping deserts in the north, and dense rain forests in the south and east. It is located between the U.S and Central America. Ancient ruins such as Teotihuacan (Aztec) and Chichen Itza (Mayan) are scattered throughout the country, as are Spanish colonial-era towns. In capital Mexico City, upscale shops, renowned museums and gourmet restaurants cater to modern life.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a sovereign state on the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Caribbean region. Though known for its wonderful beaches, all-inclusive resorts and golfing, it has a varied terrain comprising rainforest, savannah and highlands, including Pico Duarte, the Caribbean’s tallest mountain. For the adventure tourist this Caribbean country offers a diverse countryside comprising tropical rainforests, arid desert expanses, alpine ranges and steamy mangrove swamps. It's a playground for trekkers, mountain bike enthusiasts and water-sport junkies!

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