Fill up on Ireland this summer

Fill up on Ireland this summer

A trip to the Emerald Isle is not one you’ll soon forget. With the most flights from Canada to Dublin, let Air Canada whisk you away to your Irish adventure.


1. Get your fill of historic castles and ancient sites.

King John’s Castle and Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

The mid-west region of Ireland
is home to some of the most notable castles on the isle. Get to County Clare, and begin your royal tour with King John’s Castle – a 13th-century wonder. Then venture on to Bunratty Castle & Folk Park for a blast back to the 15th-century past.

The Aran Islands

These three small islands are set just off of Galway Bay. They’re most famous for their gorgeous scenery, castle ruins and ancient monuments. Don suitable footwear, take the ferry over and have fun exploring!

2. Get your fill of modern cuisine and festivals.

Irish cuisine

Today, Ireland is blessed with many an edible treasure. Try a tasting tour of Dublin or go road-tripping along the highways and byways for artisanal producers and purveyors.

Galway International Arts Festival

Take part in this longstanding festival that brings together visual arts, dance, performance and literature. Like its counterpart in Edinburgh, there’s just so much to see and do here.

3. Get your fill of stunning landscapes.

Connemara National Park

Connemara National Park is known for its incredible flora and fauna. If you go, take a moment to stop and spot the Connemara ponies. Named for the area, these sweet creatures have been the backbone of farming and travel here for centuries.

The Giant’s Causeway

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, a protected national nature reserve and the fourth natural wonder of the United Kingdom, the Giant’s Causeway is certainly a sight to behold. You’ll find over 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns at the edge of the north coast, birthed up from the sea and lashed together by an ancient volcanic eruption.

Ready to experience all Ireland has to offer?

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You will visit the following 2 places:

Dublin South

Dublin South

Dublin is the largest and capital city of Ireland. The English name is derived from the Irish name Dubh Linn, meaning "black pool". It is a primate city with an urban population of over 1 million, containing almost 25% of the country's population. Dublin is situated near the midpoint of Ireland's east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey, and at the centre of the Dublin Region. The city is listed by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC) as a global city, with a ranking of "Alpha-", placing it among the top thirty cities in the world. It is a historical and contemporary centre for education, the arts, administration, economy and industry.



Ireland is an island in north-western Europe which has been divided politically since 1920. Most of the island is made up of Ireland (the Republic of Ireland). The remainder is Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. An uncommon geological richness and the warming effect of the Atlantic produce an astonishing diversity of terrain on this lovely island, which is splashed throughout with lakes and primeval bogland. Ireland also adds further interest to the landscape through the sacred associations of so many of its physical features.

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