Dreams Palm Beach Vacation in the Dominican Republic

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Dreams Palm Beach Vacation in the Dominican Republic

The food at Dreams Palm Beach in the Dominican Republic was delicious. As a newbie, years ago, I couldn’t figure out why agents on a fam ignored the food. Agent after agent over the years has said, “Sam, food is a personal preference.” Well it wasn’t just me who loved the food, over and over in reviews guests have raved about it.

One happy guest said, “The calamari was to die for and it was so awesome to get it on the beach.”
I’ll take his word for it, my personal favourite was the risotto in the buffet. Every day at lunch I tried a different one.
This is a 500-room resort, but it manages to feel cozy, and the huge buffet feels cozy too. As always in Dreams resorts, there are no bracelets, nor do you have to sign your life away for beach towels. It isn’t as loud as lot of them are.
The areas are divided up, and this includes the food stations. Management for the buffet were incredible, seemingly everywhere, making sure their guests were comfortable and enjoying their meal.
It wasn’t just the kids who helped themselves to dishes in the lower kid’s food station. Yes, there are five à la carte restaurants, and no reservations needed. Yes, there is room service, and late night snacks in El Praio Restaurant from 11pm. to 5am. The Coco Café serves pastries, and coffee from 6am. to 5pm.
The reviews mostly rave about the food… Highly unusual in reviews.
This resort built in 1994, with millions spent on renovations ever since, is giving the rooms an upgrade again this year. Just in time too, as the biggest complaint seems to be tired rooms. The other big complaint is the rooms aren’t ready at 3pm check-in even in the preferred section.
Advise your clients to pack their suits in their carry-on so they can have a swim and a drink when they arrive. Our one bedroom suite in the preferred section (4115) had been upgraded and was lovely. It was a comfortable roomy ground floor suite in an excellent location by the beach, and one of the pools.
The pools throughout the property, but were separate enough that it never felt busy, or too loud. The resort prides itself on having more lounges than guests, so your client can ask for a lounge chair to be put in a certain spot.
I liked the way the pools were set up so that the swim up bar had its own area, etc. The preferred club had two pools, one for families and one adult’s only.
Dreams Palm Beach sits on a white sand perfect for beach walkers and runners.
As in all Dreams, the Explorer Club for kids is excellent. Parents get a beeper so the Club can contact them if necessary. They welcome kids 3-12, 3 being younger than many kid’s clubs offer. They are also open from 9-9pm. so Mom and Dad can have a quiet dinner if they choose. I’ve always thought they have some innovative play programmes … particularly the camping on the beach night (ends at 11pm) once a week. Parents have a tour day otherwise no parents are allowed in the club. Kids and their parents love Abby.
There is also a teen club called the Core Zone as well with a variety of sports and games, weekly bonfires and disco mixers. The teens I’ve talked to say they use it to make new friends to hang out with. They wished they could hang out on the ocean trampoline reserved strictly for the7-12 aged group.
There’s an indoor theatre, a weekly craft and jewellery market, and five lounges. Close to the core of the property, there were live stages with a variety of music - interesting idea, and guests loved it. They also like the movies on the beach.
One of the guests who was part of a large wedding group said, “We’re loving the varied entertainment from circus, magic and ventriloquist shows, to live bands.”
We felt the best evening was the poolside entertainment - a world class show with a brilliant live band, trapeze, acrobats, guest singers and light show. What guests don’t like are the Vacation Club salespeople who hound them. I suggest you advise your clients to say a firm “no” if they aren’t interested.
The spa was a real guest pleaser. It’s a cheerful friendly place to have treatments, and they had a full line of options, including massages on the beach. The gym never seemed to be too busy to get a proper work-out. Yes, you can stay as connected as you wish even to making free calls to Canada with the free app. Wi-Fi is included.
Dreams Palm Beach is good value for dollar!

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