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Chile set to amaze adventure-seekers with its myriad attractions

Chile set to amaze adventure-seekers with its myriad attractions
The beautifully landscaped Chile spanning into 2,670 miles from north to south and 271 miles from east to west offers a stunning array of man-made and natural wonders. The panoramic regions of this Latin American country are a veritable paradise for the tourists with its varied offerings such as 100-year-old finniculars, colourful historic houses, Valparaiso’s steep hillsides, islands of Patagonia, peninsulas, canals, inlets, and isolated and dream-like fjords. These natural wonders are enough to prompt the adventure-seekers to go for a blissful sojourn in Chile. Whether you are visiting the central Andes region or the country’s mainland, get ready to be amazed with all that you will see and experience. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider spending your vacation in Chile. Chile to amaze adventure-seekers with Fare Buzz Intriguing attractions in Santiago’s neighbourhoods You will come across myriad intriguing attractions when visiting many distinctive neighbourhoods of the pedestrian-friendly capital city of Santiago. Explore the Barrio de Lastarria district where you’ll come across antique manor homes and baroque balconies intertwined with bookstores and retail shops. The district is also home to a small hill Cerro Santa Lucia in the center of Santiago. The hill was formed by the remnant of a volcano and offers picturesque views of the city. The hill also has a fort Castillo Hidalgo, which was built in 1820. The sprawling Mercado Central market in Santiago is also worth exploring. The market is housed in a huge historic cast iron building. You can see Chileans of all hues buying daily essentials or enjoying delectable cuisines at the restaurants. While in Santiago, don’t miss out visiting ‘La Chascona’, the home of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet, diplomat and politician Pablo Neruda. It is situated in Barrio Bellevista, a bohemian neighbourhood at the foot of San Cristobal Hill. Visit UNESCO World Heritage city Valparaiso Valparaiso, a UNESCO World Heritage city, provides yet another great reason to visit Chile. The historic coastal city is renowned world over for its 100-year-old finniculars. Valparaiso, which is also known by its nicknames “Jewel of the Pacific” and “San Francisco of the South”, has been built upon an extensive network of 42 steep hills prominently featuring brightly colored buildings spiralling upward from the shore. The city is a pedestrian’s paradise. While leisurely strolling through the town you will come across many restored Victorian-era buildings, trendy restaurants and small hotels overlooking the Pacific Ocean’s deep blue waters. Valparaiso is renowned for other reasons as well. The historic city is also home to the oldest stock exchange of Latin America and the first public library of Chile. The oldest Spanish-language newspaper ‘El Mercurio de Valparaiso’ is also published from here. Tours of wine-making regions Chile is presently the fifth-largest exporter and eighth-largest producer of wine in the world. It produces at least 10 times more wine when compared to neighboring Argentina. If you are planning to spend your holidays in Chile, then you can look forward to visiting the major wine-making regions in the country, which are accessible for personalized tours and within an hour of downtown Santiago. The Colchagua Valley is considered to be the premier wine-making region in Chile. It is home to 20 wineries, which together formed the base of the original wine route that came into being 15 years ago. Chile’s flagship varietal red wine Carmenere is produced in the Colchagua Valley. Other wine-making regions worth visiting in the country include San Antonio and Casa Marin.

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