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Known for iconic cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, Italy is an
undeniable magnet for lovers of art, history, food, and wine. A dreamy
and inspiring destination, it's no surprise that Italy welcomes millions
of visitors each year and as its popularity continues to grow, time is of
the essence when booking travel to some of Italy's top regions.

Whether it's an oceanview suite for your honeymoon or on the
Amalfi Coast, a quad room in Venice for families, or a quaint, boutique
hotel in Rome, booking early is vital to ensure you get your first
choice for accommodations and experiences. Although international
travel is still recovering, we expect a very busy so it will be especially important that you book early � we suggest at least 4-6 months
in advance! Thankfully, JustTravelDeals is well-equipped to ensure that
those dream Italian vacations are as peaceful, unspoiled, and memorable
as possible. Ready to start booking? Here are some of the savings
you can receive for travel in some of Italy's top cities:

� ROME �
Regina Hotel Baglioni
15% discount

Baglioni Relais Santa Croce
15% discount

Luna Hotel Baglioni
15% discount

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� Why Book Early for 2022 Travel? �

Amalfi coast


Popular destinations in Italy
like the charming towns of
the Cinque Terre to the cliff-
side cities of the Amalfi Coast have limited availability.
Booking early will ensure
that you secure that perfect
hotel your clients have been dreaming about.

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When you book early, you can take advantage of exclusive early-bird deals. Best of all,
there are several easy ways to translate the savings earned into a better travel experience from room category upgrades to enhancing their trip with that one-of-a-kind tour!

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It's not surprising
that many popular attractions have not only started limiting capacity, but also now require advance reservations. Don't miss out on experiencing some of these iconic sights � start planning


� C U L I N A R Y H I G H L I G H T S O F I T A L Y �
How we recommend connecting the dots through Rome, Florence, Bologna & Venice


In the undisputed land of refined flavors and homey delights, it only takes a few bites and sips to fall in love with the beauty of Italy. Simple yet exquisite, these dishes have made their way to dining tables all across the world. Each region prides itself with an array of delicacies, but no matter the destination, there will always be plenty of fine wine to go around!

In this select itinerary, Culinary Highlights of Italy, travelers can savor all of the country's culinary delights on a whirlwind tour of Italy's most alluring cities: Rome, Venice, Bologna & Florence. This is a dream trip for Italian foodies with visits to famous food markets, a hands-on cooking class, and opportunities to sample regional specialties including olive oil, cheese, and of course, world-class wine.

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additional product offerings in our Inspirational Italy

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You will visit the following 2 places:

Hotel Villa San Michele

Hotel Villa San Michele



Italy is a country in Southern Europe. It is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. Much like its food, this country is an endless feast of experiences. It is famous worldwide for its delicious cuisine, its trendy fashion industry, luxury sports cars and motorcycles, diverse regional cultures and dialects, as well as for its beautiful coast, alpine lakes and mountain ranges (the Alps and Apennines).  There is also the country’s enormous cultural legacy: Tuscany alone has more classified historical monuments than any country in the world; there are considerable remnants of the Roman Empire all over the country, notably in Rome itself; and every region retains its own relics of an artistic tradition generally acknowledged to be among the world’s richest.

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