Posted on 08/20/2015 | About Tunisia

Rule 1. Do not frighten the tourists

This may top the ‘How stupid can you get list’ for inappropriate pranks and terrible timing. Just weeks after 38 people were killed in a shooting at two Tunisian hotels, staff at a hotel in Turkey dressed as ISIS-style gunmen and pretended to attack terrified guests trying to relax at the pool.
Wearing Middle Eastern clothing and carrying fake guns, the staff ran around the pool at the five-star Grand Yazici Mares hotel in Icmeler as part of a 'Hollywood-themed' show.

The hotel was busy was British customers from a number of UK tour operators, including Jet2Holidays, Thomson and Thomas Cook.

Some holidaymakers say they were panicked into thinking it was a genuine terrorist attack.

Others British travellers said the 'show' was in bad taste and was disrespectful to the victims of the Tunisia attack, 30 of whom were British.

Hotel guests said they fled when one man approached carrying a plastic bottle with the word 'fuel' written on it and pretended to set light to their sunbeds.

After complaining to the hotel manager, they were told it was just a joke and to speak to their holiday rep.

Jet2holidays reportedly said on hearing of the incident they immediately spoke to the hotel management.

"They have assured us it was never their intention to cause any offense or upset with their entertainment programme. This was a Hollywood themed poolside show, which included the characters Rambo and Superman, and it is always well received by the hotel's residents.

"The hotel management now understands that some of the costumes may have caused offense and they will no longer use these in their shows."