Posted on 12/07/2015

Authorities in Britain have closed roads, evacuated homes and issued severe flood warnings as Storm Desmond weather battered the country. The Met Office issued its highest red rain warning for northwest England and southwest Scotland, as the storm brought strong winds and heavy, persistent rain to those regions.

Up to 200 mm (7.9 inches) of rainfall were expected in the northwest region of Cumbria, especially over exposed mountains. The Environment Agency also warned of significant flooding around the country as river levels rise. According to the Met Office, the highest recorded rainfall in Cumbria was 262.6 mm (10.3 inches), which fell during a 48 hour span from Friday morning to Sunday morning Many other areas across northern Wales and England were in excess of 100mm (4 inches) of rain during this time.

Dozens of highways and main roads were closed Saturday due to landslides or flooding. The combined effects of flooding and high winds also caused numerous power cuts throughout the UK and Ireland. Electricity North West reported nearly 60,000 properties with power cuts early Sunday morning. Widespread peak wind gusts of 60-80 mph (95-130 km/h) were reported throughout the day on Saturday. Winds gradually diminished early on Sunday morning.

The Met Office reported the highest wind gust occurred at Great Dun Fell where wind gusted to 99 mph (159 km/h) Although Storm Desmond has largely exited the UK, the region should be on alert for another storm system to bring wind and rain through the middle of the week.