Posted on 12/04/2015


Passengers on the Costa Diadema can have their images immortalized. The cruise ship staff are taking body scans of passengers, sending them to Lab3D in Barcelona and then printing a 3D figurine which is mailed to the passenger. Prices start at US $96 ($128.15) for a five inch model. The likeness apparently is highly detailed so guests are warned to pose before the buffet rather than after.


Bali Hotel and Tourism Institute (STP) head Dewa GN Byomantara is bragging about Indonesian chefs who are getting positive feedback in the cruise industry. According to Byomantara, Holland American said that Indonesian chefs have remarkable work ethics and were known for their sincerity and light-hearted attitude when they are on duty. Byomantara said that about 80 percent of chefs hired in the international cruise industry were Indonesians, but the challenge has been for them to prepare meals from their native country. He also added that, “They rarely complain when asked to do some tasks.”


When Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises was discussing bedding on the 18 ship line, she may have been informed of thread counts and memory pillows, but she was thinking like the average Princess guest; a 53 year old. And women in the “menopausal” demographic have unique concerns about their bed linen. Swartz wanted to know how the linen would perform in night sweats. Her staff were told to find duvets that look plush but do not trap too much heat and can be effortlessly tossed off and then back on. Sound familiar, ladies?


When Norwegian’s Escape debuted from Southampton just over a month ago the dining venue Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville at Sea was an immediate success. By the Miami launch on November 9 passengers were waiting for an hour to dine at the restaurant. The cruise ship has implemented a solution to overcrowding; they will start charging. Vanessa Picariello, senior director, public relations at Norwegian Cruise Line said, “We have listened to our guests' feedback regarding the overwhelming demand and, in an effort to deliver the highest quality experience, we will be implementing a la carte pricing."