Review of Brisas, Santa Lucia

Posted on 09/04/2015

Thank you for listening to me the other day. I am sending the review. If you
want to know anything more, Sabrina would have it on her file. She is definitely an asset to Just Travel deals. My daughter reminded me that in the past year, we booked and travelled with Just Travel deals 8 times! Hoping to do so again, in the near future! Just for your reading, we are sending the incident reports for your amusement!

Do not go to this resort. The management accommodates and
facilitates the selling of children on the resort, in broad daylight, for sexual purposes for guests. Management  is fully aware of this but does nothing about repeat clients who are paedophiles. They see it, ignore it and accept it. In fact, "special dinners" are given to repeat paodophiles staying on the resort. Profitability is way more important to this resort, than the protection of children and guests. Sadly, we were being sexually harassed and interfered with by a well known Brisas guest, who impersonated himself as the hotel manager, and made sexual advances to my 13yr old daughter. The hotel management was fully aware that he was a paodophile , with a criminal record from Canada. He was also banned from Varadero, Havana, Holguin. The only place that accepted and accommodated this sick, perverse criminal several times was Brisas. Having made the management aware of what happened to us, they did absolutely nothing to help us nor did Hola Sun rep. 

This resort is far from being "all inclusive". They only serve to those they like or who gives them huge tips. Anyone associated with the hotel management, gets away treating paying guests in any ill, bad manner they want. Hola Sun rep. does nothing to help. Be prepared for the resort workers to swarm you like flies and continuously blow you kisses and subtly ask you for things and money. If you do not meet their requests, get prepared for sub-standard treatment throughout your whole vacation.