Posted on 06/24/2016 | About Ogden, Quebec

Ogden Point terminal is the busiest cruise ship port of call in Canada, receiving 227 ships (533,000 passengers) last year.

Ian Robertson, CEO said, “There is new technology that is being made available and I think it is incumbent upon us to consider all options.” He wants to determine if funds can be received from higher levels of government.
In 2011 when the study was done, residents of James Bay, near the port vocalized their demand that the cruise lines should pay for the shore power. At the time, Rebecca Penz, communications manager for the port authority said that they would look at cruise lines as potential partners if they made the decision to go ahead.
In 2014 GVHA dropped shore power from the agenda, saying that stricter laws in Canada and the US would reduce pollution from cruise ships. They said ships were using fuel with less sulphur-dioxide and installing scrubbers, an onboard technology to clean emissions before they enter the atmosphere.
At that time they remarked that shore power was more appropriate for homeports where ships were docked for longer periods than the 16 hours on a port of call.
Now the port authority wants to become a homeport.
Luke Wilson is a member of Save James Bay, who is encouraged that the port authority is looking at shore power, but said "We'd be much more encouraged if an implementation date were set."