OUT OF AIR Misterbnb for gay men

Posted on 08/21/2015

Curious as it is to imagine in this day and age, some gay men have encountered some not-so welcome situations at Airbnb rentals, however on a positive note - that was the catalyst behind Mrbnb, a network of gay hosts targeted to the gay male community.  Already operational in France, the company is looking to support similar operations in New York and Los Angeles.
Just men? But what about the women?

Founder Matthieu Jost says his research focused him on the gay male market first.

“Many lesbians have different travel habits, they travel less.” However, the company has already reserved the Missbnb domain for future expansion into the space.

Ironically, Jost says that five percent of Mrbnb customers are actually straight women. “They just feel safer dealing with gay men,” he said.