Posted on 09/16/2015 | About North Dakota

If it’s not wacko pax, it’s weirdo flight attendants. An FBI agent says a flight attendant accused of fabricating a story that prompted an emergency landing in North Dakota has admitted to causing a similar incident on the East Coast.  
Justin Cox-Sever is charged in federal court in North Dakota with interfering with the operation of an aircraft and communicating false information. Authorities allege he stuffed a bag with towels and reported it as a suspicious package making beeping noises. The Dickinson airport was temporarily shut down last Wednesday after the SkyWest plane travelling from Minneapolis landed. FBI Special Agent Daniel Genck says in court documents that Cox-Sever also admitted to fabricating a bomb threat on a July 7 flight from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Chicago. The flight was diverted back to Charlottesville.

Cox-Sever's defence is awaiting documentation of the allegation.