Posted on 09/13/2016

A man was arrested at Baltimore Airport after the security X-ray machine uncovered some strange items in his luggage. First the loaded handgun was spotted by TSA agents, but that wasn’t all.

After spotting the firearm through the X-ray machine, as his second bag passed through the machine agents spotted a live dog inside.
If that wasn’t quite enough, the Transportation Security Administration said the passenger, who was not named, was also carrying a small knife.
He was arrested weapons charges and the gun was confiscated.
"It's difficult to say which of the two was more surprising—the X-ray image of the gun or the image of the dog's moving skeleton," the TSA said.
"Firearms are never allowed at checkpoints and pets should not be placed through X-ray machines."
The dog was inside what looked like a duffel bag but was in fact a soft case pet carrier.
Under TSA rules, all pets must be removed from checked bags before X-ray screening and carried through metal detectors by their owners.
The man could face fines of up to $12,000.