NOT JUST FOR MILLENNIALS Transat finds inventive ways to reach the market

Posted on 05/04/2016

Millennials! That highly prized 18-34 year old demographic has reportedly surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation. They’re trendsetters, who eat out, drink in bars and shop and travel and spend - and everyone wants to reach them.

In this respect Transat is no different. Like their competitors everywhere, Millennials figure largely in their plans, but over the past few years Transat has taken a specific targeted approach towards this group and are successfully using bloggers and video to reach them. Travel Basecamp Four years ago Transat instituted The Travel Basecamp. Travellers typically millennials, book stereotypical resort packages for the logistics and security, and then, as the website puts it, “bust off the grounds and interact with locals to find the best adventures possible.”

“Travel Base Camp is a different way, to visit a destination,” Debbie Cabana, director, Public Relations and Social Media At Transat Holidays, told us. “And it works. All inclusive resorts provide all the amenities and entertainment, comfort and security most travellers want, but many don’t venture out at all, so they don’t get to learn what the destination really has to offer.” The more adventurous Millennials enjoy the comfort of a nice room and bed to come home to, but they enjoy spending the day meeting local people and discovering what the destination is all about.

The Basecamp website offers what is essentially a reality documentary series about a bunch of friends travelling around the world seeking alternative experiences in popular travel destinations. The videos and site are designed to be an interactive travel guide sharing the secrets and discoveries, and encouraging aspiring travellers to take their trips and turn them into customized experiences. Click on the image to watch them on

Style Jaunt Another popular initiative geared to Millennials is Style Jaunt. After a journey into the world of fashion in Lisbon, Portugal and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the third edition of Style Jaunt, is an English web series produced in collaboration with FLARE magazine and focused on Madrid.

This time, Canadian bloggers Tamy Emma Pepin from Montreal and Alanna Durkovich from Vancouver are in Madrid, Spain, and are sharing the best spots to help readers/viewers (it’s all on video) discover sophisticated boutiques, trendy markets and talented local artisans. The two young women engage with local storekeepers, gallery owners, artisans and others. This may be geared to Millennials, but it’s compelling viewing for anyone who wants to get a flavour of the scene in Madrid. “We encourage Canadians to travel in authentic ways and explore the many facets of a destination. With this in mind, the Style Jaunt web series is a real source of inspiration for travellers.” Said Geneviève LeBrun, vice-president, marketing at Transat Tours Canada.

“Madrid is an absolute must when it comes to shopping. In addition to its luxury boutiques, the city abounds with colourful art galleries, lively markets and pleasant little shops that sell emerging European brands and local designer clothing. That’s a win for travel and fashion lovers!” Not unsurprisingly, Madrid is one of 28 European destinations offered by Air Transat, which has direct flights to the Spanish Capital from Montreal and Toronto-Madrid connections via Montreal.