Posted on 03/09/2016 | About United States

Cigarette smoking was banned in the US in 2000, but just to be sure there is no confusion, the US Department of Transportation recently included vaping in that ban. This official ruling will prevent airlines from developing their own policies on the use of electronic cigarettes on their aircraft on flights to and from the United States.

The Transportation department said in a statement that it, “views its current regulatory smoking ban to be sufficiently broad to include the use of electronic cigarettes; however, the prior rule did not explicitly define "smoking." The Department took this action to eliminate any confusion over whether its ban includes electronic cigarettes.”With regard to the dangers of vapors, the department stated, "studies have shown that e-cigarette aerosol can contain a number of harmful chemicals" and that a "precautionary approach is best.""The Department is particularly concerned that vulnerable populations (such as children, the elderly, and passengers with respiratory issues) would be exposed to the aerosol within a confined space, without the opportunity to avoid the chemicals," the agency said in a statement.