NEWS FLASH TO PASSENGERS Bad behaviour gets you tossed off flights

Posted on 08/20/2015 | About Salt Lake City, Utah

A woman who refused to put her dog in its carrier after it was ‘snapping at the crew’ was removed from a United Express flight that was set to take-off from Salt Lake City to Chicago.
After allegedly being asked by staff to put the dog into the box, the passenger refused. Police were then called and after an arguement had to forcibly remove her, screaming and swearing, from the plane.

As with everything these days, the incident was caught on video and posted to YouTube.  

A Mr Adownie, who posted the video noted that the  dog had been “growling and snapping at the crew.” He added that the woman refused to use the carrier, and that she also allegedly swore at the member of staff.

“Bad idea lady,” says Mr Adownie.

The video shows the woman in her seat when the plane returns to the gate and police board the aircraft. As two officers enter the cabin one says to the woman, “Is this your dog?”

To which she replies, “Yes it's my dog.”

The officer says the captain wants her to get off the flight and she needs to take her dog with her.

A fight ensues with the woman demanding her money back, to which the officer says that needs to be sorted once off the plane. The argument continues with the policeman telling her she is “holding up the whole plane.”

“I don't care, you're holding me up,” she shouts.   

The feisty passenger is then warned she will go to jail if she continues, to which she replies, “I'm not going to go to jail mister, you're looking to the wrong lady.”

The officer reaches down to collect the dog, which has the woman shrieking angrily that she will  “sue this country.”

The woman is physically restrained before being led off the flight, and she is followed out by a clearly embarrassed man who was seated next to her as the action unfolded. She can be heard screeching, screaming and swearing as she is led off the plane