Know latest trends in aviation industry and make your flying experience enjoyable

Posted on 08/15/2015

Coolest trends to know for making your air travel enjoyable now
      Are you a frequent flier visiting for business or leisure to distant destinations around the world? Then, wouldn’t it be the right thing to know the latest trends and goings on in the air travel industry today. Of course, knowing some of the important things beforehand will make your travel hassle free and enjoyable than what it earlier used to be. Here are some of the coolest trends you need to know about air travel trends right now. Airport Stays have become more enjoyable

Whether you are travelling in first class, business class or any other travel classes, gone are the days when layovers proved to be a painful experience. Airports these days have a wide range of decent accommodations equipped with various facilities, such as restaurants, spas, swimming pools, bicycle rentals, and of course, well-appointed hotel rooms. So, no worries anymore in case of layovers!

Flying Dreamliners are in-thing now

Dreamliners are the latest in-thing for most airlines, including low-cost carriers. The new Boeing 787 Dreamliners are there for everyone where you will be offered luxurious seats, larger windows and a smoother ride. Apart from these, the engine noise is also less and air quality in the cabins much better. The next time you are planning to purchase business class tickets or consider flying in any other class, do remember to board a Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft for an enjoyable journey.

Overhead bins just got much wider

The paucity of space in overhead bins is a real nightmare of modern air travel. But, not any more now! The advent of Boeing 737 aircrafts and other versions in the aviation industry have made the situation less distressing. Today, these aircrafts offer 50 percent more space in overhead bins. This now makes it easier to put your baggage. Whenever planning air travel, flying in a Boeing aircraft is always a good option.  

More options to fly business class at reasonable airfares

Who after all doesn’t want to fly business class, especially when it comes at a reasonable price tag? Today, even low-cost carriers like JetBlue Airways and all-business class French carrier La Compagnie have made it possible for you to book business class flights at much lower rates than what is currently offered by major international airlines. Don’t worry, these low-cost carriers also offer similar facilities offered in business class cabins on other airlines.