FIGHT FLIGHT IN NEW YORK Two women arrested after fight with knife, pepper spray

Posted on 08/27/2015

Two women have been arrested after police say they attacked each other as their flight arrived at New York's Kennedy Airport from Jamaica yesterday. The dispute started after a 61-year-old passenger at a window seat tried to climb over another woman as Jet Blue Flight 960 approached the gate.
The older woman used an eyebrow razor to slash the 52-year-old woman and a man who tried to intervene. The younger woman then used pepper-spray on the knife-wielding passenger. Seven passengers were treated for difficulty breathing.

Police say the 61-year-old was arrested on assault and weapons charges. The other woman was arrested for possessing pepper spray. The behaviour of the passengers is beyond comment, but – a razor (of any kind)? Pepper spray? Anybody home at the Kingston security check?