DUMB IDEA It just wasnt Guy Fawkes Day

Posted on 10/21/2015

An Australian tourist finding himself desperate and out of money while holidaying in Thailand decided on a pretty stupid means of getting some ready cash. Zachary Cronin, donned a Guy Fawkes mask, armed himself with a toy gun and robbed a bank in Bangkok.

Shouting the word 'money' at a cashier, the 23 year old Cronin, got away with 170,000 baht ($6,215). Unfortunately for him his escape plan was flawed and he headed down a dead-end alleyway where he was caught by a police officer who was in the bank and gave chase.

Aumnart Harnchana, deputy chief of Bang Sue police station said Cronin resorted to robbery in order to buy a plane ticket back to Australia.

Police said he had spent all his money during a month-long stay in the Nana red-light area of the Thai capital.

Cronin faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted.