Posted on 08/28/2015 | About Casablanca, Morocco

Images of meal trays and plates lying scattered in a plane aisle on a flight from Casablanca to Lisbon were published after reports of an alleged dispute between two cabin crew members. Passengers reportedly feared the noise was associated with a technical failure of the aircraft.
However, according to Moroccan news site Yabiladi, a witness on the flight said there had been a “verbal dispute” between the two flight attendants, but that the disagreement had not led to a fight.

Other reports said that there was a problem between two Royal Air Maroc cabin crew, but the airline tweeted a response to the incident saying, “We rue news reports insinuating a fight between two members of staff on a Casablanca-Lisbon flight. The plates actually fell inadvertently.”

They followed with a second post saying, “We are sorry to all passengers on this flight for the disturbance caused”.

Royal Air Maroc said in a statement, “The flight took place in good conditions. At the end of catering service, cabin crew placed the trolley in the rollers. During the landing of the aircraft, the latch trolley opened and the products scattered on the floor.

“This surprised the passengers but did not cause any disruption to the operation of the flight. There was no dispute between the hostesses.”

Big mess though.