DEBRIS IS FROM MH370 Finally a piece of the missing plane

Posted on 09/04/2015

French prosecutors have confirmed 'with certainty' that the wing debris found on Indian Ocean island of La Reunion did come from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, MH370.
The announcement comes a month after tests were first carried out on the flaperon and should end weeks of speculation about the origin of the debris.

In statement that confirmed claims made by Malaysia's prime minister early last month, French investigators said, “It is possible today to say with certainty that the flaperon discovered on Reunion island on July 29 came from flight MH370.”

At the time of the discovery on the French territory last month, Malaysian officials said it was “almost certain” the wing flap came from a Boeing 777 – the same model as the Malaysian airlines jet.

The 6ft-long wing flap washed up 3,500 miles from the doomed jet's last-known location, fuelling hopes around the world that one of aviation's greatest mysteries could finally be solved.

However, after the flaperon was shipped to France for verification, the BEA, the French body responsible for civil aviation accident investigations, were reluctant to confirm with any certainty until tests had been done.