CRUISING FOR QUEBEC Election year promises

Posted on 08/26/2015 | About Quebec

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is promising to bolster port facilities in Quebec as part of what he calls a maritime prosperity initiative. Harper says a re-elected Conservative government would provide funding for a new marine terminal at the Alexandra Pier in the port of Montreal.  
He is also promising a new cruise ship terminal in Quebec City. Harper says improved facilities for cruise liners will attract more tourists and create jobs. He says competition in the cruise ship industry is stiff and world class facilities are critical for Quebec ports to remain world class destinations.

Given that this Prime Minister and government have been in power since 2006 – this sudden desire to improve Quebec’s cruise facilities right now can perhaps be filed under “election promise.” In his announcement, Harper also took a sharp dig at NDP rival Tom Mulcair, saying he's proposing reckless spending plans without saying how he will pay for them.