Posted on 10/01/2015

Okay, let’s kick the month off with an astonishing tabloid story. A flight attendant was fired after her company learned that she was supplementing her income by earning mile high fees of around $3,000 a flight in the airplane’s toilet.
No, she wasn’t cleaning it - she was cleaning up! This busy woman (do the math) apparently earned the equivalent of around $970,000 over a two-year period. The woman's bit of business on the side only became apparent when she was caught in the loo recently, and subsequently sent packing.

A source speaking to the Saudi Arabic language daily Sada said, “She admitted that she had sex with many other passengers during flight and that she preferred long distance flights between the Gulf and the United States.” The (reportedly Middle East) airline has not been named, but Sada has reported that the flight attendant was immediately fired and then deported. The UK Daily Mail reported Antoine Michelat, co-founder of flight comparison website, as saying, “Flight attendants have always had a special charm with their passengers; while some attendants choose not to cross a line and take advantage of this, there are always going to be those who do.

“The amount seems like an awfully high number and we're not sure how believable this is – although I suppose that all depends on if the person in question had illicit liaisons with business passengers and just how wealthy they were.” Reports earlier this year in the same publication, suggested that some flight attendants in Japan were turning to prostitution in order to supplement decreasing wages. Tens of thousands of young women apply for jobs as cabin crew with the country's major airlines.

Several unnamed flight attendants were quoted in the Shukan Post, claiming that female cabin crew are regularly paid to have sex with the pilots. According to the women, staff can charge $600 and $900 for 90 minutes with a client. Ninety minutes in a plane toilet?

One female flight attendant, quoted by the Tokyo Reporter apparently said, “Stewardesses who are willing to do it with a pilot pass their number to a senior stewardess who is effectively a female pimp. “There is also a system where the pilots use hand signals to tell the hostesses they are interested, and how much they will pay. “Other stewardesses outsource their services through companies, some of which specialize in offering air hostesses.”

Apparently those under 30 are able to charge the highest amounts for their services. “We have an expiration date,” a 29-year-old, said. She claimed to be involved in an escort service that specializes in offering clients “stewardesses”. So, I don’t know about you, but several things puzzle me about this story. First how does a flight attendant slip away from her duties for long periods of time without her colleagues noticing? Would they really continue to cover for her? How do they make the connection? Does he provide his seat number in advance? Does she flash a prearranged hand signal? 90 minutes? Don’t other passengers have to use the washroom? Presumably we’re talking BIG planes and BIG facilities. I don’t see big bucks being spent for the 3’x3’ (and still shrinking) airplane washroom tryst. Oh, well, guess these aren’t Virgin flights.