CHILE EARTHQUAKE UPDATE Tourism Operating Normally After Earthquake

Posted on 09/18/2015 | About Chile

The Chile Ministry of Tourism has released the following statement regarding the magnitude 8.4 that struck in Northern Chile on September 16th.  
The epicenter of Wednesday’s earthquake was more than 280 miles from the capital city of Santiago, mainly impacting the cities of Coquimbo and Illapel, both located in the Coquimbo Region. Immediately following the event, authorities ordered the evacuation of the entire central and northern Chilean coast as a precautionary measure. The evacuation order was lifted September 17th at 6:30AM local time. The major tourism destinations in Chile, ranging from the Antofagasta region, as well as San Pedro de Atacama and surrounding areas, including the southern part of the country into the Patagonia region are operating normally and have not been negatively affected. Currently the capital city of Santiago and Santiago International Airport are operating normally.

Please check with partner hotels, tour operator and ground partners in Chile to confirm any unforeseen disruptions to travel arrangements at this time.