Posted on 06/03/2016 | About Jacksonville, Florida

Early Monday morning passengers on the Carnival Elation were awoken to an announcement by the captain advising that there was an outage of power and propulsion. The ship was adrift but the captain assured them that there was nothing to be concerned about and that he would keep them posted. People panicked and within minutes some were heading towards a deck, wearing life jackets.

The US Coast Guard advised that an air compressor went out on one of the air conditioning units. When the crew tried to reset the system, it shorted out the power to the propulsion system.

The outage was only for an hour until the emergency generators were utilized to get them back into port.

The Coast Guard made assurances that the passengers were not in danger, and investigated the ship when it docked, to make sure it was safe for the next voyage.

Carnival Cruise Lines referred to the incident as a short power outage and stated that its arrival to its homeport of Jacksonville was slightly delayed.