Posted on 08/21/2015

Erkan Geldi is a flight attendant on Turkish Airlines.  What makes Geldi different from every other Turkish Airlines flight attendant is that he was actually born on a Turkish Airlines flight and is named after the pilot of that flight.
It was in 1990 on flight from Izmir, Turkey, to Frankfurt, Germany, when his mother went into labour as the flight descended.  

“My father worked in Germany and we took a plane twice a year to visit,” Geldi told Road Warrior Voices.

“I wondered every time I saw a plane what it must be like to work there.”

After graduating University Geldi applied to Turkish Airlines for a job as a flight attendant.

“During the interview process, they asked me why I picked this occupation. I replied that actually the occupation chose me!” He told them.

Geldi loves his job and meeting new people.   He says he's never had a passenger go into labour on any of his flights, but hopes that some day it might happen.

“There have only been two other births aboard a Turkish Airlines plane in the past few decades,” he said.

“I will be ready if needed though, as we are trained for a lot of different emergency situations on board.”