Bahia Principe resort

Posted on 03/12/2019 | About Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Hello Rosario,

Thank you for the lovely welcome back!

Our trip was excellent and “not a bad day in Punta Cana”!!! Also 7 days of perfect weather is unusual and we really lucked out.

As mentioned, we are very familiar with the Bahia Principe resort chain and again accommodations were great. We ended up with Villa #2 instead of #1, however same comfort distance for my Mother. Hotel was extremely busy and March weeks have so many folks than our previously visited months, however lots of fun.

WRT to Air Transat and special services assistance, all went well except for the last arrival Sunday night back in Toronto. Plane was late in arriving in Punta Cana and therefore further late in Toronto arrival. To add to tiredness, there were not enough wheelchair and special assistance personnel available at that late arrival. Therefore, due to frustration, I ending up pushing my Mother’s wheelchair through to customs clearance and baggage pick up, plus her rollator took longer that luggage. I anticipated this late arrival ahead of time and therefore took yesterday off work to rest.

I would absolutely utilize Just Travel Deals in future and certainly would recommend with excellent feedback on prompt and diligent service.

Enjoy your day!