At Azamara® we believe in connecting people to people, people with cultures and people with themselves, by bringing you closer to new experiences that help form who you are and give you a fresh perspective of life.

We do this through our Destination Immersion® experiences- the philosophy behind every one of our voyages- comprised of longer stays and more overnights in port, prime docking locations, access to world events, Country-IntensiveSM voyages and authentic shore excursions. And now, take your exploration to new heights with the largest selection of pre- and post-voyage programs in the cruise industry. Everywhere we go, local history, art, cuisine, daily customs and time-honored traditions become personal experiences. We promise you the time and space to discover the nuances of local life – because, to us, that’s what travel is all about. Ultimately giving you the luxury to explore the world through the lens of a local.

We invite you to join us and sail along all seven continents aboard our award winning boutique hotels at sea, Azamara Journey, Azamara Pursuit and Azamara Quest. Feel at home with our world-class staff and crew who are dedicated to getting to know you from the moment you step on board. Enjoy a host of inclusive amenities, like concierge services, food and beverages, gratuities and our complimentary AzAmazing Evenings®. You’ll see what makes Azamara so unique, and the journey so meaningful.

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