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About St Lucia

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Welcome to Saint Lucia!!


Saint Lucia is a beautiful island that is located in the Caribbean. It is one of the windward island of the Lesser Antilles. St Lucia has lovely reefs and has great places for diving and snorkelling. There is also a drive in volcanic crater that is called Soufriere which is very popular. There are a lot of natural beauty on this island such as rain forests, coastal peaks, giant ferns and also tropical birds.

Entry Requirements

A Passport must be presented to travel to Saint Lucia. It should also be valid for three months beyond the day of departure. No visa is required to enter this country but if traveller wants to exceed over 42 days they will need a visa.


In the months of December to March the weather is dry. In July the weather is hot and the environment is quiet. Hurricane season falls between June and October.


One of Saint Lucia’s rich cultural heritage its cuisine. The island is also one of the leading banana exporters in the Caribbean. This country also has two Noble Prize winners, they are the late Sir W. Arthur Lewis who won the Noble prize for Economics and also a poet called Derek Walcott who won the Noble prize for literature.

Natural Attractions

Saint Lucia is a very unique destination compared to other places in the Caribbean. Some of the places that makes this island unique are:

Natural Rain Forest- This rainforest has a lot of giant ferns, birds of paradise, exotic flowers and fruits and also wild orchids and mushrooms. Rain forest tours are for hikers and nature lovers.

Union Nature Trail- Along this trail you can find tree species, medicinal herbs and also local fruit trees. This tour is a hour long and also has a center that provides information to visitors about life in the forest and endangered species.


Want to have some fun on your vacation well Saint Lucia is the place to be. Carnival starts from the month of May to July. There are different types of activities that are available on different days such as St Lucia Carnival Parade of the Bands, National Panorama Competition and National Carnival Queen Competition. The fun has begun once you’re here.


Anse Chastanet Marine National Park

This is the best hideaway for someone who is looking for tranquil and romance. This is also a great attraction for scuba diving. The reefs are beautiful and a variety of sea creatures can be found. The plate coral starts from 30 meters.

Pigeon National Park

This national park is one of the most important historic attraction. The scenery is also beautiful especially the views over the ocean. A museum is also located on site that explains all the historical details.

Mount Soufriere

This is a unique attraction only in Saint Lucia this can be found the famous drive in volcano. At this volcano visitors can see bubbling mud and also sulphur coming out of craters. There is a $5 charge to enter the crater and use the mud pools.

Saint Lucia is wonderful place to visit especially if you are a lover of nature. It has many different attractions and also has a something instore for everyone.

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