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Town in Jamaica

Negril is a laid-back town in western Jamaica. It’s known for its miles of uninterrupted white-sand beaches on shallow bays with calm, pale waters. Seven Mile Beach, particularly the portion overlooking Long Bay, is lined with bars, restaurants and resorts, many of them international and all-inclusive. It's also popular for water sports. At night, reggae and dancehall music emanates from surfside clubs.

Weather: 81°F (27°C), Wind N at 2 mph (3 km/h), 80% Humidity

Hotels: 3-star averaging $80. View hotels

Getting there: 4 h 4 min flight, around $425.

Best spots in Jamaica to enjoy authentic Jamaican cuisines

Jamaica is a melting pot of various cultures, and so does the varied Jamaican cuisines. Make the most of your vacation by enjoying the authentic Jamaican cuisines whenever in Jamaica. The best way, of course, is to venture out from your resort/hotel and dine with the locals. This beautiful Caribbean Island nation is home to many spots to enjoy classic Jamaican fare. Consider visiting some of the best spots during your holidays.

The Pork Pit Bar & Grill

The Pork Pit Bar & Grill is located on Glouchester Avenue, just across from Walter Fletcher Beach, in the heart of Montego Bay. It is famous for serving the best jerk pork in Montego Bay now. As you step in here to enjoy the hugely popular jerk pork BBQ, you will find the picnic tables lying around encircling the actual pit. The smell and sight of succulent jerk pork being slowly cooked on a big grill over pimento wood and hot coals is mouth-watering and leave you hankering for more. Apart from jerk pork, the Pork Pit Bar & Grill also serve jerk chicken, sausage, fish, shrimp, sweet potato, corn, soup, salad and more. The drink options here include Ting, rum, beer, light beer and other soft drinks. The meal can be rounded out with peas, rice and a couple of Red Stripes.

Hot Pot

The Hot Pot is the best place to enjoy a filling Jamaican breakfast in Kingston. The classic breakfast served here is ackee and saltfish, which is a combo of salt cod, the Caribbean fruit ackee, tomatoes, onions, peppers, spices and Scotch bonnet peppers topped with bacon. The vegetarians too can look forward to treat themselves to ackee alongside tofu or savor the delicious tofu with callaloo, okra or coconut sauce. After having a sumptuous breakfast, you can order Red Stripe or a cold ginger beer or a glass of fresh beet root juice.

Sweet Spice

The Sweet Spice is a cozy roadside restaurant situated at 1 White Hall Road in Negril. The delicious dishes served here remind one of exactly what Jamaicans would really cook for their families while at home. You will fully enjoy the hearty meals in huge portions served here. Even the tourists visiting here are all praise for the delectable food. Highly flavourful dishes such as conch, curried goat, brown chicken stew, oxtail and lobster are among great favorites with all those visiting here. The restaurant however doesn’t serve alcoholic drinks. The fresh fruit drinks though are a real treat.

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