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Venezuela is a Spanish speaking country located on the Northern Coast of South America. The country of Venezuela is a beautiful country with great biodiversity. A country of many environments where you could find sand dunes, beaches, forests, and modern cities. Venezuela is covered in forests and most of the country’s population is concentrated on the North coasts of Venezuela. Caracas is the capital, where it is the most densely populated.

Documentation Required

A valid passport with a blank page is all that’s necessary to travel to Venezuela. If travelling from United States, a VISA is required and has a longer process to acquire. Visits can be no longer than 90 days with a simple passport or VISA.


The currency used in Venezuela is the Venezuelan Bolívar (VEF)

Language and Culture

Venezuelans speak Spanish as their first language. However, many words differ from the Spanish spoken in Spain. Locals might have basic foreign language skills but it is recommended to learn a few phrases before arriving in Venezuela.

Getting Around

Any valid driver’s license is accepted to drive in Venezuela. Gas is very cheap and easily accessible in bigger cities. Some parts of Venezuela are not accessible by car but are air accessible. Private transfers can be arranged and are also common. Other ways to get around include taxis, and public transit like busses and the Metro.

Weather and Clothing

Coastline: The coastline has a tropical feel and is very warm and usually desirable among tourists. Venezuela does have a wet season from May-November and they do experience a lot of annual rainfall, so don’t forget to pack or buy an umbrella.

Mountains: If climbing Pico Bolivar the, the highest point in the Andes, it will get a little more cold. Be sure to pack a jacket and wear layers. The mountain is snow-capped and has 5 times more annual rain than the coastline, so water-proof clothing and shoes are most ideal.

Places to Go in Venezuela

Angel Falls: Located deep in the more southern part of Venezuela, Angel Falls is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world and a popular tourist destination.

Los Llanos: The plains where The Orinoco River floods from May to October. Many animals flock to this plain when it is flooded, making Los Llanos a bird-watchers paradise. While the plains are dry, you can find many flocks of different animals and is commonly compared to the Serengeti.

Merida: A lush mountain city offering natural beauty. There are natural thermal hot tubs to soak in. Mountains to hike, and great restaurants. There are many rumbas (parties and dancing) to be found around the city, with a young energetic feel and the University.

Isla Coche (Margarita Island): Take a short boat ride to this stunning white sand, blue water beach. Take a dirt bike tour around the island and snorkel off the coasts Enjoy the wildlife and views of pelicans, horses and donkeys

Diverland (Margarita Island): An amusement park with many activities such as rock climbing, dolphin shows and swimming with the dolphins, roller coaster rides, go carting, bumper cars and batting cages.

Hacienda Macanao Horseback Riding: Many horses to choose from depending on your riding experience. Before starting your ride you can visit the ostrich farm and take a tour of the ranch.  Start your ride in a cactus forest and then ride along the beach with your dream horse. The guides are really informative and make sure you enjoy your ride.


Ciudad Guayana and Caracas seem to be the most popular destinations for nightlife. The countries best bars and clubs are in this area. Make sure you have a dependable, safe ride to your hotel from the club in these areas. It is not suggested that women go to bars and clubs alone. Local Venezuelan men’s approach may be seen as more aggressive than what you are used to in your home country.

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