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Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton is the capital city of Bermuda, found in the Pembroke parish. The calm, colourful city of Hamilton is paradise at its finest. Taking a walk along the harbour, you’ll enjoy the island breeze and sights of the unique pastel painted buildings and houses. With unique and brilliant architecture, the sights of cathedrals, the Parliament building, and Front Street, your eyes will be amazed at the beauty. You’ll be captivated by the unusual sights of the Bermuda houses, fitted with all white roofs. Not just used for beauty, they are also beneficial to the locals. These unique roofs collect and store rain water, to be filtered and used. The pink sand beaches just add to the colourful elegance, of this brilliant island.

Documentation Required

A valid Canadian passport, with blank pages is needed to visit Bermuda. All travellers’ passports must be valid for at least 90 days after your departure from Bermuda.

Getting Around

Rental cars are not available in Bermuda. Foreign licenses are also not valid in Bermuda, even to drive relative’s vehicles. Some great alternatives to driving are: taxis, scooters, busses and mini busses. Mini busses are licenses by the Bermuda government and are completely safe. They are one of the most cost effective ways to get around, as you are dropped off at your destination and travellers are charged by a flat rate as opposed to a taxi meter. There are also ferry services from the major cities, Hamilton, St. George and Dockyard. If renting a scooter or moped is your choice of transportation, you must be prepared to drive on the left hand side of the roads and check if you have health insurance, in case of any accidents.

Weather and Clothing

Bermuda has a sub tropic climate where beach wear is appropriate. Cover ups and light clothing are suggested when not at the beach areas. Hurricane season is from June to November, but does minimal damage to Bermuda buildings as buildings are required by law to be built of Bermudian limestone and concrete blocks.

Language and Culture

English is the first language spoken in Bermuda. There is no official second language of Bermuda, but due to being a popular tourist destination, some Portuguese, Spanish, and French is spoken.

Bermuda was colonized by the British in 1609 when the flagship of Admiral George Somers, sank on Bermuda’s reef. Strong British influence in style and architecture are still apparent in Bermuda.


Bermuda’s currency is the Bermuda dollar ($). It is equivalent to the US dollar and used interchangeably.

Places to Go in Hamilton

Shipwreck Diving: There are about 300 shipwrecks to discover in Bermuda. See the history in the ships and what happened as they crashed, and scattering parts all across the reefs.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves: Underground caves featuring great rock formations (stalactites) over crystal clear water. You can see the bottom of the water making 40 feet look very shallow.

Front Street: Front Street is lined with great shops, though some are quite costly. If you go a few blocks into Front Street, you can also find cheaper alternatives and local shops. Restaurants with all types of cuisine can also be found scattered along Front Street, and offer great views on balconies overlooking the docks.

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute: Exhibits and lessons on the history of the island and ocean exploration. Learn why Bermuda has pink sand beaches, the evolution of deep sea diving and visit the great shell room showcasing over 1,200 shells. With Bermuda’s shallow reefs, learn about the many shipwrecks and treasures found under water in Bermuda.

Sea Glass Beach: Sea glass beach is a natural unique Beach where the Beach is littered with glass that washed ashore. Nearby you can get beautiful art made of sea glass. It is illegal to take glass off the shore as a souvenir, but you will always have the sound of waves crashing on the glass and clinking of the glass being washed ashore.

City Hall and Arts Center (Bermuda National Gallery): Bermuda’s City Hall also serves as the National Art Gallery. The building is an art piece itself and has a clock on the front face of the all white building. Bermuda National Gallery (BNG) shows permanent exhibits such as the African collection, European Collection, and the Bermudian Collection; all year. They also feature other international exhibits, depending on the time of year.


The Docksider Pub: Tourists and locals can be found regularly enjoying the great food and exciting atmosphere. Sports are showing at all times on multiple screens, and the locals are very inviting toward tourists. The dance floor comes alive on the weekends when there is a DJ, and the outdoor patio is a hit, where you can get some fresh air with your meal.

Pink sand beaches, Amazing cuisine, and hidden treasures are waiting for you in Hamilton, Bermuda.

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