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About Colombia

at leisure on this independent by private driver guide. Central Holidays tailor-created When in features a variety of options and additions that cater to all different budgets. Founded in 1533, Cartagena was the Caribbean gateway port used by the Spanish to store riches plundered from the interior before shipment to Spain. Naturally, the city was a tempting target for buccaneers and pirates, who attempted to seize it many times. Most notable was Sir Francis Drake, the English privateer, who accepted payment of 10 million pesos in 1586 in return for not levelling the city. Subsequently, plans were made to fortify the city and work on the defensive walls began. These centuries-old walls still stand today and mark the boundary between the old and new parts of town. Now a World Heritage Site, the Old Town is fairy-tale perfect with cobbled alleys, overhanging balconies dripping bougainvillea, and massive churches casting shadows over the plazas. Cartagena’s rich history, diverse culture and vibrant energy will delight you. Passionate and dynamic, Cartagena combines African rhythms, its indigenous soul, and Spanish colonial splendors to present an intoxicating cultural cocktail. This unique “When In” Colombia travel package includes accommodations per the program, and breakfast daily, as well as sightseeing, excursions, and experiential activities based on the package selected…Travel In Simplicity, Travel In Style, or Travel In Luxury. Come fall in love with this amazing destination!
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