WHERE IN THE WORLD United passenger flown to San Francisco instead of Paris

Posted on 05/10/2017 | About Paris, France

United Airline has apologized after a passenger was mistakenly flown from Newark to San Francisco instead of to Paris. The French-speaking passenger was not informed of a last-minute gate change at the New York airport and boarded the wrong flight.

On board she found someone else in her seat and alerted the crew showing them her boarding pass to indicate her seat number. They found her another seat on the aircraft, without noticing that she was in fact on the wrong aircraft.

The incident, happened on April 24 and United has yet again apologized, refunded the passenger and sent her a voucher for another flight to Paris.

The passenger's niece, who spoke to the media, said the incident highlighted security lapses.

United said the airline was working with its team in Newark to ensure the incident isn't repeated.