WHAT CENTURY IS THIS Eastern Libya bans women from travelling without male guardian

Posted on 02/21/2017 | About Libya

Eastern Libyan authorities have sparked mockery and protests after issuing a ban forbidding women from travelling outside the country without a male guardian. The decision was made last week by the Libyan Chief of Staff Abdel-Razek al-Nadhouri, the military ruler of eastern Libya.

"The decision to forbid travel for Libyan women under the age of 60 without a 'mahram' is not motivated by religion or politics. It's about Libya's national security," General Abdelrazek al-Nadhouri said apparently with a straight face on Sunday.
A mahram in Islamic sharia law is a woman's husband or a male family member that she cannot marry such as a father, son or brother.
"We have known of cases of Libyan women dealing with foreign intelligence services," Nadhouri told the Libya television channel.
"We respect Libyan women who are totally free as long as they stay on Libyan soil, but we must keep an eye on them as soon as they leave it," he said.
His remarks unsurprisingly caused anger from Libyans online, and really – why is it even remotely feasible that Libyan women would turn traitorous the moment they travel and yet the male population would not? And in the unlikely fact women did – what would it say about conditions inEastern Libya?
"We're a majority in this country. Does this mean that half the population is ready to betray the nation?" a woman surgeon asked on Facebook.
“It is ridiculous that in 2017 we discuss if it is okay for women under 60 years to travel without a guardian male who might be 20,” activist Imam Bugaighis tweeted.
Airport authorities said the decision hasn't been put into effect.