WEED IT OUT TSA says no to medical marijuana on planes

Posted on 04/12/2017 | About Toronto, Ontario

In case you heard otherwise – marijuana - medical or otherwise, is most definitely not allowed on planes in the US despite a recent update on the Transportation Security Administration’s website that said medical marijuana was allowed in carry-on or checked baggage.

The TSA learned of their error when a pro cannabis activist tweeted the apparent change in policy.

They quickly issued a statement saying, "There was an error in the database of a new search tool that is now corrected. While we have no regulations on possessing/transporting marijuana, possession is a crime under Federal law".

The website makes its position clear, "Whether or not marijuana is considered legal under local law is not relevant to TSA screening because TSA is governed by Federal law."


In Canada, people can fly with prescription pot but must show medical documentation and if the airport does not have police on site, screening officers must call police to verify the paperwork, providing them the passenger's information from their boarding pass (name, air carriers and departure time).

Passengers are permitted to carry their medical marijuana in their checked luggage, but CATSA recommends they carry all medication in their carry-on bag.